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    2 couples driving from Albuquerque to Las Vegas with a stop-over at the Grand Canyon. I've done this trip before but was thinking of changing it up a little. Last time (5 years) I took I-40 to 180 to 64 to the Canyon. This time we're considering takeing I-40 to 89 to 64 and coming in the East entrance. We're staying in Tuscayan. Anyone have any ideas? Preferences? Reasons NOT to take east entrance route? Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Since you are coming from Albq, the east ent. route that you are thinking of doing is actually the route that I would recommend. I think its an excellent choice.

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    Default Get an early start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums.
    No reason at all, it's only slightly longer, you won't have any doubling back and you will get to see different views of the canyon along Desert view drive. Stop at the Old watchtower by the East entrance for some wide open views of the Colorado as it starts to enter the canyon area.
    The one thing you are short of is time and to enjoy the drive along Desert view you will have to get a real early start from Albu.

  4. Default ABQ to Las Vegas #2

    Thank you to everyone who welcomed me and helped with my previous post. We were asking what the best way to approach the Canyon was from I-40. And got some great responses. Now we have a new question:

    How is the drive from ABQ to the Canyon via Four-Corners/Monument Valley as opposed to taking I-40?

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    Default much longer

    Well, that route adds a good 100 miles to your trip, and means you travel almost exclusively on 2 lane roads.

    Essentially, you'd be taking a long but pleasant day on the road, and turning it into a marathon that would really force you to constantly keep moving - pretty much defeating the purpose of the added detour.

    Now if you have some extra time and looking at stopping somewhere for the night, like the monument valley area, before you get to the Canyon, then that would be a fine idea, but I would not recommend it as a route for a one day trip to the Canyon.

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    Default A lot to do.

    It's an option I considered mentioning at the time of my first reply but as you only had one night between Albu and Vegas and you are staying in Tusayan, I thought it might stretch things to much. It will make a nice drive but you would be on the road for 10 hours or so plus any time you wish to stop at MV etc. If you were to go that way you might be better off staying outside the East entrance of the canyon and driving through the next day. Cameron trading post would be well placed if this was an option.

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    Thank you for all of your valuable input. It seems that we've decided to get a very early start and go up through Canyon De Chelly, up into Utah, down the Monument Valley and into the canyon hoping to arrive around 5pm giving us almost two hours to view it (including sunset and full moon).

    It will definatley be a marathon and not so relaxing, but this same crew drove from Pennsylvania to Albuquerque last year so long rides in the car are nothing new, and we decided we'd rather see as much scenery as we can see, and what we like we'll come back to. (We have family in ABQ.)

    Thanks again for all the input!!

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