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  1. Default West to east cost in december

    Hi, I am thinking about to do my first road trip. The idea is to go from Los Angeles to the east cost (maybe only until New Orleans) on december?

    Is this time of the year Ok for this trip (i was worried about road conditions due to snow)



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You can take a road trip at any time of year, as long as you are prepared for the conditions that you may face.

    If you are hoping for a promise that the roads will be free of snow and ice in December, that's just not possible. I-10 can and does see winter weather, particularly across Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas. That doesn't mean that you will see weather during the specific time of your travel, nor does it mean you shouldn't go, but it does mean you should be prepared for the possiblity.

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    Thanks for the quick response!

    I am only worried, because I have no experience in drive on snow!
    Would be advice to go anyway?

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    Only you can say what will work best for you.

    I can tell you that personally, I would not let the threat of bad weather 5 months from now which may or may not be an issue during the actual time that you would be traveling stop me from planning a trip. Now, you may have to make some changes to your plans - such as stopping for a day or two - if you do see weather problems, so I would account for that and if that sort of flexability isn't something you are comfortable with, then maybe you should look at doing something else. But those are the kinds of questions you'll have answer based on your own preferences.

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    So, let me try to explain and understand better the situation.

    I from Brazil, and have no idea how is to drive on winter in US.

    Does be prepared, just mean I may have to stay 2 or 3 days in a place
    because the conditions in the road are bad? That's no problem, I think, since
    I am planning to take 3 weeks for this trip.

    My concern is if someone without any previous on driving with snow can drive on this road during the winter on "normal" winter days?

    Thanks a lot for the attention

    All the Best

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    I haven't been to New Mexico, but I'm from an area in the U.S. that sees plenty of winter weather. Usually in winter the following things apply:
    1. You should have some chains in your car for your tires and you should know how to put them on if you need to.

    2. Depending on how long you plan on driving around bad weather, some people put some winter tires on.

    3. Be ready to drive very slowly with poor visibility.

    4. Watch for ice, especially be aware that there may be black ice on the road which you won't be able to see but is very dangerous.

    5. Go extra slow on turns and bridges if its icy.

    6. Have some supplies in your car just in case. Blanket, water, food, shovel.

    That's it. Better to go slow if its icy because if your car starts sliding there isn't much you can do.)

    Normal weather means normal roads and regular speed limit)... You have to learn to drive in snow sometime, so you might as well ))).

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