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  1. Default Avoiding I-95, Columbia, SC to J'ville, FL

    OK, I've searched the forums for the last hour and a half in vain trying to get some better info on the question of avoiding I-95 through SC and GA. So my apologies in advance if this question has already been answered...

    We're traveling from Southwestern VA to Gulf Coast (Ft. Myers) in September, and have done so in the past quite a few times via the usual direct route (I81-77-26-95, etc. etc.), or mixing it up sometimes in Florida starting at J'ville. But I'm curious about the U.S. 301/321 alternatives starting at Columbia, SC. Is there anything along this general path to make it worthwhile to bypass I-26/95? And are there specific routes, must-see stops, lodging, local food anyone can recommend? Or things to avoid?

    It's a family trip, 3 days, just under 300 miles a day, so speed is not the major issue. Entertainment and education for home-schooled 6 and 10-year old boys is.

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    With one exception, there's nothing really noteworthy that I know of along US-310/US-321/US-1 south from South Carolina into Florida. US-301 is the old main/alternate route to Florida from the east coast in the days before the Interstates, so there might be some remaining roadside kitsch, but not having driven the road I can't be sure. It will offer a more relaxed alternative to I-26/I-95 and most of it is divided four lane highway. The one really worthwhile stop would be the Okefenokee Swamp. Hope that helps.


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    For a complete change of pace, you could add about 100 miles to your trip and go via Knoxville and Atlanta (I-81/I-40/I-75).

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    Thanks, AZBuck. It helps a little anyway, and the Swamp would be fun. You didn't mention anything negative, which is good. I understand from reading elsewhere that the AAA tells people to stay off of 301 through north Florida because of the speed traps. Personally, though, I don't think that should be a negative, and I like driving that road and its remaining kitsch—it's WAY better than cutting through Orlando on I-4. It's relaxing after the 77-26-95 stretches. So who knows (which is my question) maybe the US routes through SC and GA are similar?

    And glc, yes, on a return trip from Ft. Myers a couple years ago we went over to the panhandle for an Air Show in Panama City, then north via US 231/431 cutting through the southeast corner of Alabama on our way to Georgia. (We didn't go as far over to Knoxville though.) Anyway, as it was growing dark that day we started passing through this small town called Eufaula, in Alabama, and I was able to tell there were some gorgeous Victorian and turn-of-the-century homes. I'm a residential designer and that piqued my curiosity, so we stopped right there and found a motel. Next morning we were able to enjoy some small town beauty. Rolling, scenic countryside as well. To think what we would have missed if we tried to stick to the Interstates!

    So all that being said, if anyone else has some interesting info on the north-south U.S. Highway routes through eastern SC and GA, I'd love to hear.

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