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    So I'm thinking of doing a road trip next year for about 2 weeks.

    I'm in Calgary but I want to head down to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Southern California. I figured that rather than spending 5 days driving just to start and end my vacation (2 days to get to Vegas, probably 3 days to return from California) I would fly to a major city and rent a car from there.

    Any advise? I'm considering flying into Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego etc. I'd like to fly in and out of the same city to keep rental costs down. Also, I'm guessing the sales taxes would affect the price of rentals quite significantly. Which state has the lowest tax?

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    The state sales tax is really not going to matter all that much in the total cost of your trip. All states in the southwest have combined state, county and city tax rates that run between (rough guess) 6 and 9%. But since you'll be doing essentially the same loop no matter where you start, returning to your original city, the only variables should be the cost of the airline tickets and the cost of the car rental. The 'total' price quoted to you on both of those items should include all applicable taxes. My guess is that the plane tickets will have the greatest price differential and will be the major factor, but car rental price differences might also be significant as different cities and jurisdictions try to get their revenue from visitors. I'd suggest that you just shop around and see where you get your best deal on the sum of those two costs.


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    Thanks, though this far out it's going to be a little harder to get accurate estimates for airline prices.

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