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  1. Default Dividing 10 days between New York, Boston and some days on the road?

    Hi all,

    My boyfriend and me have 10 days available (arriving Sep 20th around noon, leaving September 30th in the evening) and would like to explore New York City, Boston and perhaps take a little road trip between the two.

    As for him it's the first time to New York, we'd like to stay 5 or 6 days in NY, so we'd basically have Sep 24th or 25th to 30th to do the road trip and Boston.

    Is there already some folliage on the road at that time of the year or should we go higher up in New England?

    We are 30, I'm more into coast, arts and culture, he's more into woods and (military) history, so an itinerary giving a bit of everything would be perfect (if anything like that is possible :-))

    Should we drive from New York to Boston and end in Boston, or fly to Boston and take a trip north from there?

    I know I haven't done too much research yet, but I kind of have to decide now how to book my flights (return from NYC or Boston for example...)

    Tips for charming, affordable accomodation (say around $100 a night) would also be more than welcome !

    Thanks a lot !
    Michele from Belgium
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  2. Default Anybody?

    Would really appreciate any input you might have !

    Thank you,

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    Default Oooops !

    Hello and a rather belated welcome to the RTA forums !

    I apologise that you seem to have slipped through the net as we try to welcome all our new members to RTA promptly. It would appear that our members that are familiar with the East are not around at the moment but for the time being you can find a a lot of info searching the forums. You might be able to take some "pickings" from this great field report.
    Do a little research of the area to familiarise yourself and as you have new questions just ask.

    Happy planning !

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    Hello all,

    In the mean time I did some more research and booking, but still have a lot of gaps, especially on the road trip part.

    Here's what I have so far:
    - Sep 20th: arrival at New York JFK at 1pm
    - Sep 20th-24th: hotel booked in NY
    - Sep 28th-30th: hotel booked in Boston
    - Sep 30th: departure out of Boston airport at 5pm

    1st question:
    Should we
    a/ simply extend our stay to NY and Boston with just a 1 or 2 day drive from 1 to the other in the middle
    b/ fit a little 3-4 day road trip in the middle, exploring more of New England?

    I'd like to do the 2nd, but not sure how feasible it is. Knowing my boyfriend, who's more of a nature than a city person, and loves road trips, he would be really happy with the 2nd option.

    2nd question:
    If we decide on the 2nd option, we can
    a/rent a car in NY and drop it off in Boston, which would cost us at least $530 for 4 days (no Priceline bids with different drop-off)
    b/find a different way to get to Boston, then have a $16/day car weekend special from Alamo with return to Boston

    Again, inclining towards the 2nd option for obvious budget reasons :-)

    3rd question:
    If we again decide on the 2nd option, should we
    a/ take a bus $1, train $49 or plane $84+getting to the airport. None of them are very scenic as far as I understood and probably take about the same time door-to-door (to-door being Boston Airport, see below)
    b/ do a 24h car rental New York-Boston at $132+gas, and drive scenic roads along the coast

    Considering that we'd want to leave New York late afternoon, this would mean that for
    a/ we'd have to pick up our car late at night at Boston Airport (downtown office closed), because we'd already like to do a bit of driving and stay somewhere cheaper than Boston itself
    b/ we'd have to stay somewhere on the coast and drive on in the morning, in order to really take advantage of this option and actually see all the scenery :-)

    This then would leave us:
    a/ 4 nights/3,5 days
    b/ 3 nights/3 days

    to do a little loop from Boston into New England, in which we'd like to see
    - Springfield Armory
    - some forests and beautiful landscapes, with foliage if doable (would have to drive to Northern Vermont for that I guess at that time)
    - quaint little towns and cosy inns
    - in option a also some coast

    So 4th question:
    Depending on what option you advice us to take, suggestions on itineraries and stops and places to sleep and eat would be more than welcome!

    I hope I have been able to structure my thoughts a little and would very much appreciate your help !

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    Default A Stab at Some Answers

    While of course everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all answer on a topic as personal as a RoadTrip, I'll try to give you my best take on what I think might fit your tastes.

    1) By all means take a few days to get from New York to Boston. That won't let you see a ton of New England but you could have a very nice drive along the eastern Coast of Connecticut with a definite stop at Mystic Seaport, a walk amidst the 'cottages' of Newport, RI to see how the other half lived, and a visit to Cape Cod National Seashore and Plymouth Plantation.

    2) Consider a third option. You can drive from Boston to New York in about 4 hours. Why not arrive and leave from New York City, renting and returning the car there?

    3) See (2). Unfortunately, September is going to be too early for fall foliage, but I-90/I-84 is a relatively scenic inland route between Boston and New York, or if you can and want to spend a little more time, then you can start looking at some of the more scenic byways such as US-20, CT-197/CT-190, and the Merrit Parkway (CT-15).

    4) Best advice we can give on eating is to inquire locally.


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    You can drive from NYC to Boston direct, and do it in a matter of 5 - 6 hours. On the other hand, if you head west from NYC you have some very scenic and attractive areas through which to drive. I particularly like the the Taconic State Parkway and Bear Mountain. Or a little further inland I-80 into Pennsylvania and I-81 to I-88 north (through the Catskill Mtns) are both scenic and enjoyable drives. At I-90 west of I-88 at Mohawk you can take a trip on the Erie Canal and learn all about its history, through very attractive country. There is also a diamond mine in that area, which sounds very interesting, though I have not been there. Then further north there is the beauty of the Adirondack. Of course, it is only a day's drive from Boston to Niagara Falls. (If you go there, check that you can take the rental car into Canada.)

    All those can also be visited if you decide to rent from Boston and do a round trip from there. And of course then there is rural MA where there really are some gems around most corners.


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