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  1. Default RV trip B.C. to Disneyland - need suggestions!

    This is my first time on this site - what a great idea! Thank you to anyone who can help us with our once in a lifetime road trip to Disneyland for our Special Needs son, Taylor. We just invested in a travel trailer so that we can take him on some great road trips - he hates flying, and we really want to show him the country side, and the experience of meeting new people.

    Fortunately, my husband was a truck driver for years, and has travelled to California, but being first time RV'ers, we need help on choosing good RV full hook-up sites along the way. This is our first road trip in our travel trailer.
    We're going down to California on the quick way, hwy 97, and taking the scenic, touristy coastal route back. We need help finding RV site's on the way down.
    -Day 1 somewhere around GOLDENDALE, Washington, . .
    - Day 2 " " " MT. SHASTA, Oreg.
    -Day 3 " " " TEJON / GORMAN
    -Day 4,5,& 6 ANEHEIM, Calif. - a site close to Disneyland in a nice full service / pool type site.

    We're traveling down the coastal route home. Need help finding nice, family full hook-up sites for the remaining 6 nights.

    -Day 7 somewhere around SANTA BARBARA Calif.
    -Day 8 " " " SANTA ROSA (Napa Valley), Calif.
    -Day 9 " " " CRESCENT CITY
    -Day 10 " " " COOS BAY Oreg.
    -Day 11 " " " NEWPORT (Depoe Bay)
    -Day 12 " " " WINACHE

    -Day 13 Drive home to Peachland!

    We REALLY appreciate any recommendations on Site's or fun places to visit. We have waited along time to be able to take our son to Disneyland and thank you to "The Great American Road Trip Forum" for giving us an opportunity to seek advice on making this a successful and wonderful trip!

    We do have places in mind that we'd like to visit i.e. Winchester House, Sea lion Caves, Dune Rides. We'd be grateful for any other suggestions including do's and don'ts in DISNEYLAND (it's been 30 years since I've been there!!!! Yikes!) Also, isn't there a big Aquarium somewhere in California on the coast? What about Yosemete? Please help - thanks everyone!! Cheers and have a great rest of the summer! Thankyou SO much!

    Peachland, B.C. CANADA

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    No doubt someone will be along soon to answer your specific questions. I just wanted to praise and congratulate you on taking this trip. When I read a post like yours, I stop to say a little prayer of thanks for five healthy children, and seven even healthier grand children.


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    Default Disneyland tips

    Can't help you at all with RVs, but Disneyland is right up my alley. The good news is that Disneyland has become fairly Special Needs friendly. Here's a link to the Disney page on visiting with disabilities (the focus is mostly on physical disabilities).

    There are lots of websites that focus just on Disneyland - do a little Googling. If you can manage, get to the parks early for fewer crowds, go back to your RV for a break mid-day and go back to the parks in the evening. Also, the lobby of the Grand California Hotel is a great place to go hang out, get away from the sensory overload and relax for a couple of hours.

    If you will be standing in regular lines, read up about the Fastpass. It's a way to avoid long lines on certain rides. Most important "secret" about the Fastpass is that the start time on the Fastpass is solid (you can't use it before the start time), but the end time is not. It may say that the end time is "2:00", but you can use it any time after that until the park closes; there's no need to rush to get to a ride because you think your Fastpass is about to expire.

    Sounds like a phenomenal trip - good luck with the planning.

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    Default Some Details and Hints on Finding Camping

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It looks like you plan to make about 375 miles a day on your drive down to Los Angeles. That's certainly a sustainable and easy pace, but adhering to it too closely may not leave you in the best places to find RV campsites, so let's see what we can find. Most state parks have full service hookup sites so that's the first place I'd look. There are two state parks and a commercial campsite near Goldendale. Castle Crags State Park is just south of Mount Shasta, CA (not OR) and takes RVs up to 27 feet in length. Unfortunately, there are no RV campsites listed in the Angeles National Forest north of L.A. and no state parks with camp grounds marked on my map of that area which means you'll have to 'settle' for a commercial campground. I did a quick search on {RV park Bakersfield California} and found 10 such enterprises, but not knowing anything about them I cannot recommend one over another. If you do the same search, you should get the same results and can see if any of them appeal to you.

    But really, all I did to find the above locations was to use simple search techniques beginning with looking at a map for the state park campground symbol (a tree and tent) and then look up that park on the web to make sure that it had RV facilities, or in the case of Gorman I found the nearest sizeable city and did the search indicated. You can do the same for the return trip with the added benefit that you will know when you've found something that works for you. Working from a good map has the added benefit that you can see places worth exploring maybe a bit farther down the road or earlier than you had anticipated from your initial estimate of where you'd be at the end of a given day. Best of luck.

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