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    Hi all - I'm a new member here. Flying to Boston on Monday to drive a car back to California. I'm planning on spending 10 days. Want to see Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, then up to maybe San Antonio, Santa Fe and back to Ca. Any suggestions of what to do/where to stay? I don't need to see NY or D.C. (already been there). But I'm wondering where to stay on the way down to Charleston, as I thinks its probably too much driving for one day. And then of course places from Savannah to New Orleans? Glad I found this website.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Ten days is not really an excessive amount of time to make the long-way-around drive you're contemplating. Still it's enough and you can actually have a somewhat more pleasant drive by making it even a wee bit longer. Between Boston and Charleston, you can avoid New York, Washington, and all the other major east coast cities by taking I-90/I-84 all the way to Scranton, PA and then using I-81 to parallel the Appalachians down to southwestern Virginia where I-77 to Columbia and I-26 to Charleston will complete this first leg. That will be a modest and doable 1100 miles over 2 days with an overnight stop somewhere in between Winchester and Harrisonburg, VA.

    You also haven't really said what you'd be interested in seeing anywhere, but if I were making the drive between Savannah and New Orleans, the two places I'd be sure to stop would be Okefenokee Swamp and the Gulf Islands National Seashore. By the same token, for anyone to offer you advice for the western portion of your drive, they'd need a more specific destination than 'California'.


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    Great - thanks for the info re on the way to New Orleans. I'll check it out on my map. Any ideas for places between Winchester and Harrisburg? Re the west, I live in California and know some of the Arizona, New Mexico routes, so no problem there. Its mostly getting to these places and where to stop on the way. For instance, I was thinking of making a stop in San Antonio (to see the Alamo), because I have to stop somewhere in Texas probably, and don't really know that region? Any places in Texas along that route you could recommend to see? I'm interested in great scenery and quaint places, unusual stuff, not the same ol, same ol, if you know what I mean.....
    Many thanks again.

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    On the first day, I wouldn't be terribly concerned with exactly where to spend the night. Just drive - and when you start feeling tired, start looking for hotels at the exits. There is enough civilization along I-81 where you won't have a problem. There will be blue signs before each exit with lodging options. Harrisonburg will probably be the first town with a good selection past the exact halfway point.

    New Orleans to San Antonio is a full day's drive via I-10. The next logical stop would be either El Paso or Las Cruces, another full day's drive.

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