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    Hey everyone. I've been trying to find some helpful tips and this site looks like it could help me in that department. Me and my girlfriend are planning on driving from Williamsburg VA to Minneapolis, Minnesota. She's moving there for grad school so we decided to drive there as a last roadtrip of the summer. We drove to Chicago back in June so we know the route to take. The problem this time is we won't be driving the whole distance in one day. We're planning on driving 10 hours on one day and then finish off the trip the next. So if anyone is familiar with this route where would be the best place to stay the night if you go halfway or drive 9 or 10 hours with a few stops?

    I've been looking at google maps and it looks like we would either end up at the end of Ohio or the beginning of Indiana. It's pretty difficult to pick a spot before the trip and book a hotel in advance. We just don't want to risk finding some sleazy or sketchy place. We might try to suck it up and make it to Chicago since we're familiar with that area but who knows. Anyways if anyone has some advice or tips that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are several different options that you could take for this trip, so when you say you know "the route" which route are you thinking of taking?

    Its really not that complicated to find a motel. You could simply look for a city that is roughly half way and use any one of a variety of hotel booking sites to look for a room that meets your needs (there are a handful of cities which this could be depending upon which way you are going.). Of course, the alternative is to simply drive for about 10 hours and when you are ready to stop, start looking for a room, as you should be able to find a motel along most every town near the interstate, and there will be signs accordingly. Trusting your instincts is about as good of advice as you can have for finding a place that will be up to your own expectations.

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    Thanks for the quick response. We're going to be going through I-70,80 and 90 West on the first day. Your idea seems pretty obvious though. We both are looking at South Bend as a halfway point only because the name is so familiar. Google map says about nine and half hours so thats pretty reasonable. Thanks for the input!

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    Default a long long way

    Its more than 750 miles to South Bend, which is quite a bit more than half way, and quite a bit more than we recommend for a days drive, when you have to be on the road again the next day. In any case, there is is zero chance you could cover that kind of ground in 9.5 hours. Actually, when I plug that into Googlemaps, it gives me an estimate of just over 12 hours, which is still about an hour too low. 13+ is a good guess if you keep your stops for food/fuel/rest to a minimum.

    I'd recommend Toledo as a stopping point. Its almost exactly halfway, and at more than 600 miles, you're still going to be looking at more than 10 hours on the road for each of the 2 days of your trip.

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