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    Default RVing with baby ?'s

    Hello all,

    In September, we will be embarking on a week long trip from our home in Bremerton, WA (West Puget Sound) to St. George, Utah (Southern Utah) for my dad's wedding. We are also going with my two brothers, one of their girl friends, two small dogs, and our two month old daughter. We will be renting a 28 ft RV. It should be an adventure to say the least.

    My questions are as follows:

    We are planning on taking tents and camping in areas that allow for both an rv and tent space. It would also be an option to pack extra camping cooking gear like a stove or bbq. Does the kitchen in an rv take a lot of fuel/energy to run? Would it be worth taking that extra space to not have to use/pay for fuel for the generator?

    Our daughter will be 2 mo by the time we go, so she will still have to be in a rear facing car-seat for most of the drive. Our car seat has the option of using a base or being strapped in using just a regular seat belt (just lap belt is ok per manufacturer). What is the best place in an RV for a baby seat? Are there any legal restrictions as to where a baby seat can be placed?

    We will be bringing a pack n play (play pen) for our daughter to sleep in when we arrive in Utah, but we will need to sleep a few nights on the road. We are ok with her sleeping in the bed with us, but would want some barrier to protect her from stray covers or other hazards. What are some good options for sleeping arrangements for an infant in an RV? Do they make travel beds for infants? Are they generally made to stand alone or be on top of a bed?

    Thank you for any helpful hints and suggestions. Also if you have any suggestions of places to stay or things to see in that general neck of the woods that would be great!

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    Default Did you read our article about this?

    Here's a recent RTA article about 10 roadtripping with a baby and we have one coming up in a couple of weeks about the benefits and challenges of roadtripping with grandparents and grandkids.


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    Default 'C' class RV.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To try and answer your questions;

    1] You can book sites with hook ups so you don't need to run the generator, which is often charged extra at $3 per hour plus fuel from your tank. It's wise to have it on when you are not hooked up and have the heating on, heating hot water or running the lights and micro wave oven but the conventional stove and oven run separately off the propane supply which we found to be cheap to use.

    2] A rear facing child seat will have to do just that, face rearwards. The front passenger seat has a regular seat belt and the bench in the dinette area in the rear has lap belts. I am 99% sure I read somewhere that a person discovered that they could not disarm the front airbag but I am not sure if you have to with a rear facing seat.

    2] You can get an assortment of travel cots for toddlers, just type it into your search engine. You would have to check with different RV rental co's to see if they supply one on request, but having looked before Cruise America doesn't.

    I realise that you might want more space by taking a tent but a 28ft 'C' class RV will sleep all of you. You have two double beds, one at the rear and one above the cab and the dinette area converts into a sleeping area as well

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    Can’t add too much that hasn’t already been pointed out.

    You probably won’t even turn on the generator, unless you plan to do some primitive camping, as you can expect electric hookups at the campgrounds.
    RV stoves usually run on propane (propane tanks are accessible from outside the RV – be sure they are full). Cooking uses very little propane. Some RVs no longer have ovens and instead have combined microwave/convection ovens – uses electricity – again, provided at campsite.

    We use the lap seatbelts on the sofa for rear facing car seats. However, not all Class Cs have sofas. Instead, some have dinette seating and an easy chair. Check with your rental agent for the configuration and what seat belts are located where on the Class C RV you are renting. But no matter what, you should not have problem. As far as which area of the RV is the safest (sofa, chair, dinette bench), even the experts can’t seem to completely agree, so perhaps motherly instinct is best served in that decision.

    Depending on the size of your pack ‘n play, and the layout of the RV you are renting, it might just fit. We often set up a full size cot in our RV, even with the sofa opened into a bed. We have a slide in the living quarters, and if we did not open the sofa/bed, there would be even more room. So again, ask your rental agent for some dimensions before you make a purchase of additional baby equipment.

    Sleeping quarters on some of the new Class Cs have eliminated the over the cab beds and turned that area traditionally used for sleeping into entertainment areas – TV, DVD etc. So again, check with the rental agent and get the exact configuration of the RV you plan to rent.

    And follow the link Mark provided to my article about traveling with baby. It does get into some of the aspects of traveling with baby in an RV. Don’t get too worried about details. It will all work out. Parents can be very innovative when it comes to figuring out the ins and outs of having a baby on board. Have a blast!!

    {Very nice to see a RTA columnist on here! Thanks for checking in Anne! -- Mark}
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