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  1. Default roadtrip through midwest! help needed!!

    Hi, I was hoping that someone here could help me! I'm in dire need of help when it comes to planning this road trip. Unfortunately, a lot of it has been left up to me, and I have no idea what I'm doing.

    We've got a good-sized group (so far, five young adults), and we'd be starting out in southern Indiana. We decided we wanted to head west and with the time we have, midwest is as good as we'll get. We have two options: one) we leave next Monday afternoon and come back Saturday/Sunday; or two) we leave Wednesday afternoon and come back Saturday/Sunday. So I have to come up with things to do for both options! You can see why I'm a bit lost.

    First, our idea was to go to the Badlands. All of us found it interesting, and we wanted to camp there. However, the only place I could find that we could camp "primitively" (tents) was Sage Creek Campground, which is around a 24 hour drive and in Montana! I don't know if there are any other places that we could camp or what.

    So what I REALLY REALLY NEED are ideas about what there is to do in the midwest and where we could possibly go in the time periods that we have. We all really enjoy outdoorsy stuff (I'm the one left planning this because two main members of the group are hiking the Appalachian Trail right now!), so anything to do with cool parks or exploring caves would be great. But I really want to find anything there is to do! We'd rather go middle-north than southern midwest, too, but we're pretty geared up for anything. I just have NO IDEA what there is to do! Are there any places that we should definitely put on our sights?

    Thanks! I appreciate any help possible!

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    First of all, the Badlands area of South Dakota really isn't within range of a 4 day trip from southern Indiana. It would take two full days to drive there and another two back which would use up all your time. If you really can leave Monday afternoon and don't have to be back until Sunday night, it becomes possible, but not if you can't leave until Wednesday evening. If you do go to the Badlands, there is primitive camping in the National Park itself at two campgrounds. Neither take reservations and are on a first-come, first-serve basis but the park's website notes that they seldom fill to capacity.

    If you can't leave until Wednesday, then you're going to have to stay closer to home, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in some scenic camping with the UP of Michigan, the Ozarks and the Great Smoky Mountains all within shorter range. In general, the first places you should look for campgrounds are your own lands: national parks and forests and state parks. They tend to be both cheaper and less developed than commercial campgrounds.


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    Yes, I was concerned that the Badlands would be too far away. It's a real shame since they're absolutely beautiful. I went there when I was three and would like some more concrete memories of them. Also, I agree that Michigan is a wonderful place. No one would want to go there though, seeing as how half of us went to Michigan (including a night in the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes) for a week in the beginning of the summer.

    I'm now considering things more southern-midwest. I saw that there were a lot of things to do in Texas, but I'm still not sure if any of the others in the group want to go southern. I believe they were looking toward more northern-midwest things to do. Still, the Ozards were very interesting, too! I've never even heard about that place before, so I'm going to look into it some more. There seemed to be many places to camp there. I'm just not sure if the two members of our group on the Appalachian Trail right now will want to go in that direction.

    Thank you!
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  4. Default a road trip for two! need a destination!

    Well, it appears as if I also have to start planning for a road trip just meant for two people! This is getting to be a bit stressful. I really have no idea where to go for this one since it's just meant for two people.

    Here are the basics. We'd start out in Southern Indiana - and we're willing to go anywhere! However, we only have 4-6 days that we can do this trip. It's coming up pretty soon, within the next week or two. At first, we were thinking about going west, but that's not a priority. I'm sure there are plenty of things to do east, too, right? See, I have no idea!

    I have no ideas for a destination. Does anyone have any ideas for a destination for two people with 4-6 days on their hands? We'd like to go somewhere other than north or Kentucky/Tennessee. Also, I had a request of no wooded areas/forests. What's a fun place that we could go to that is appropriate for a young couple? We wanted to do something fun and active, but nothing like hiking and maybe not-so-much camping.

    Is there any place that you'd suggest visiting or going to for certain? It can be anywhere within range and time frame!
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