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  1. Default Road Trip Since Christmas Day until 8th January:Where?

    Hi everyone, congratulations for this Forum which is fantastic!

    Me and 1 or 2 friends decided to have a road trip after Degree Exam. For many reasons the only days we can have the road trip are from 20th Dec to 8th-9th January.

    We initially tought to tour the Route 66 but on this, and other, forums I read about snow, storms and black ice.

    One of us already tripped the Pacific Coast (SF, LA, LV, SD) so we prefer to try something new.

    Have you some tip for a great road trip without high risks of REALLY bad weather?
    Other routes we tought about were Chicago-New Orleans following Mississippi or Atlantic Coast (NY-MI) but I don't know how are temperatures and road conditions on winter...

    Tips for the rented car? we need a tougher car for a winter trip?

    Thanks everybody, every tip is pure gold.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Bad weather takes many forms, but it sounds like your biggest concern is snow and ice.

    The New York to Michigan trip you mentioned wouldn't be along the Atlantic coast, but the chances of running in to some winter weather would be quite high. Winter driving is definitely an acquired skill, and I completely understand if it's something you'd rather avoid altogether. You wouldn't necessarily need a "tougher" car unless you were planning on going over the Rocky Mountains in a blizzard, which would be a bad idea anyway.

    Have you thought about going from Florida to Texas, if that's an option, or concentrating on the Southwest, such as Arizona and New Mexico, in the more Southern parts of those states?

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    thanks for replying!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry...i wrote the wrong abbreviation. I meant from NY to MIAMI following the atlantic coast...

    We're from Italy so the journey would be a really extraordinary occasion to be in the States. Which Must-Be-Seen places (or cities) are there in southern NM and AZ? I don't know very well those places..

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    The Southern tier of Arizona and New Mexico isn't so much about major metropolitan areas as it is about nature, specifically the desert. One potential is Saguaro National Park. However, if you're looking for more city life in your travels, then the NY to Miami route will give you what you ask for, as you will have New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC just in the first half of the trip.

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