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    I am planning a 2-weeks trip in September and I would like to ask for your opinion and possibly some ideas for the Canadian or US part of the trip:

    1-3)Arrival at Toronto, stay 3 days

    2) Train to Niagara, pick up rental car

    3) Niagara Falls

    4) Kitchener / Mennonites

    5) Algonquin NP

    6) Kingston - 1000 Islands

    7) Montreal

    8) Vermont

    9) Saratoga Springs

    10) Woodstock

    11-14) NYC

    I hope that the distances are bearable and we will have time for a 2-3 hours hike or stop-by in some mall. I am also wondering if Montreal worth visiting (being a big city it will take some time getting in and out) or if we should head for Quebec city even if this will be some miles added? We could save time going from Toronto via Kingston to Montreal, but Algonquin also seems quite nice.

    Thanks for reading, any comment appreciated :-)



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    Default A Matter of Taste

    There's nothing inherently unbearable about the distances involved in your trip, but it does seem to me that you'll be doing a lot of running around to try to get to a number of worthwhile places to visit, and then not having the time to appreciate them. Fro example, you list Vermont as getting 1 day. You could easily spend a week or two on that lovely state alone. the same goes for most of your other agenda points. They are all destinations in and of themselves and I just don't think you can do them all justice in the time you have available. It's not that you can't have a great time on such a trip, it's just that I would opt for seeing fewer places at greater depth. But that's how I like to travel and experience an area. If you think this will work for you and have enjoyed similarly paced trips in the past, go for it


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    If you are planning on dropping off a rental car in NYC, you need to rent it in the US. You will not be able to drop off a Canadian car here.

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    thanks for the quick replies!
    You are right, AZBuck, there won't be much time for each single destination to enjoy. Usually, we are staying if we like some place (taking into account that we might need to skip some other places later on the way - I already have some shortcuts and alternative routes in mind). We have not made any reservations beside the start and end point of our journey. At the moment I am trying to figure out what appears to be interesting to us and to "thread the beads" on our potential line of route. If I can eliminate any not so interesting places along the way that's good and if you know any pearls to add, please let me know. Anything particular in Vermont or just the whole state and it's beautiful scenery?

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    Default For Example

    I used Vermont as just one example of a destination on your list where you could spend far more than a day. The same is true of most of the others you name. Just in Vermont, there's so much to do that these are just the highlights. I've also enjoyed the Thousand Island Region and Ottawa. In general, I'd think about making this trip a series of central locations where you stay for a few days and explore the surrounding area rather than a series of one day drives to specific places, and for my money, Québec is too far to try to include on this trip and Montréal just cannot be seen in a day. Beyond those suggestions, the details of the trip are up to you. That is the beauty of a RoadTrip after all.


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    If I could make one suggestion.

    If it is possible for you, I'd fly out of Buffalo, then go to Niagara and then drive to Toronto.

    Because by doing Toronto - Niagara - Montréal, you're going to do twice the same road for basically nothing.

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    Thanks folks,

    actually, I came across a special offer from Lufthansa for the flight to Toronto and back from NYC - I did not even know before they could be offering this for such a reasonable price, so I took this as an alternative to a classic roundtrip. The first difficulty I figured out just then: one-way-fees are just not affordable, e.g. from Toronto to NYC, or even Toronto to Niagara, NY! Luckily, Hertz is not charging a fee if you pick up and return the car within the state of New York.
    For this reason we are now having a little train ride to Niagara (should be nice, still) and then back up north to Algonquin.
    AZBuck, I am seriously considering to skip Montreal and may be even taking a short cut at Odgensburg or somewhere along the way to Montreal.

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