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  1. Default Looking into 2010 east coast road trip

    Hiya everyone,

    Me and a mate are looking into a road trip on the East Coast USA for summer 2010. Need a few pointers though as it's a huge area to look at at - things we seem to have as a guideline are:

    We understand a maximum three week round road trip starting and ending in Boston could be the easiest method for us, as we would like to hire a car and return it out there.

    Basically within the trip we would like to take in a few things like a baseball/basketball game, see some sights, see some small eerie towns (think x files-esque :) ). Ideally stopping at cheap motels with some decent bars for our age range 28-32.

    So start in Boston, ideally like to get as far as South Carolina (if possible Miami) before heading back, see a bit of NY, Philly, Washington DC and Richmond.

    And if anyone has a base figure to work with for car rentals + gas as an estimate would be awesome. Also whats a rough guide for a night in a motel (we're not royalty either, we'd be happy with an unstained mattress in an empty room).

    - Danny
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    Default inland/coast

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think youve got an excellent understanding of what could be done and what is reasonable. With 3 weeks, you certainly could make it all the way to Miami if you'd like. Personally, I'd probably go inland to places like Niagara Falls and then through the Smoky Mountains and Atlanta one direction, and try to stay near the coast going the other way. If you do a baseball game, personally, I'd really try to do it in Boston, as Fenway is one of my favorite stadiums (although very expensive and you'll probably have to by from a scalper) or Camden Yards in Baltimore which is also a very nice newer park.

    The fuel cost calculator can help you figure your fuel costs, but coming up with a base number for a car rental is tough. There are too many variables and rates can change so often, it can be hard to come up with a good number. $30 a day might be a rough guess, but you really should just do a little shopping around - often booking with a european travel company can be cheaper for some reason. Cheap motels will average about $50 a night, with mid-range place being more like $75, but you should expect to pay more than that in cities like Boston, NY, and DC.

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    Thanks for the help :)

    I guess now, as you suggest is get some maps out and start planning miles per day, finding motels etc on the way. I've looked at enterprise rent a car and it seems to be about 420GBP for three weeks rental on a Pontiac G5 size/style (which I thought was cheap!); however I'm not sure if you're allowed to drive out of state etc. as I know the licensing is different out there than in UK - any help?

    Again, much appreciated, I don't really want to get scalped for baseball sois basketball easier to get tickets too, lol

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    Default opposite seasons

    Usually leaving the state isn't a problem in a rental car, but it completely depends upon the restrictions in your specific rental contract. In other words, you need to talk with the rental company and check the fine print.

    Baseball and Basketball are in opposite seasons in the US. If you are traveling in summer, your only chance for Basketball would be in early June during the end of the playoffs/championship round - which will certainly be a tough ticket to get. Baseball tickets usually aren't hard to come by, except in some locations and matchups, particularly Boston and to a slightly less degree New York.

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    Right, thanks for that. I've read numerous threads on the site and think I've decided on this:

    Boston, MA -> Sturbridge, MA
    Sturbridge, MA -> Greenfield, MA
    Greenfield, MA -> Williamstown, MA
    Williamstown, MA -> Buffalo, NY
    Buffalo, NY -> Gatlinburg, TN
    Gatlinburg, TN -> Atlanta, GA
    Atlanta, GA -> Savannah, GA
    Savannah, GA -> Charlestown, SC
    Charlestown, SC -> Myrtle Beach, SC
    Myrtle Beach, SC -> Jacksonville, NC
    Jacksonville, NC -> Virginia Beach, VI
    Virginia Beach, VI -> Richmond, VI
    Richmond, VI -> Philadelphia, PA
    Philadelphia, PA -> New York, NYC
    New York, NYC -> Boston, MA

    That amounts to roughly 50-60 hours of driving according to various map sites which I think gives us a nice leisurely pace doesn't it? - don't see the point on doing a road trip at a constant 80km/h :) I've had to put some minor places in to ensure we take the route I want especially on the coastal parts, have I missed anything obvious or are there any must see towns on that list

    Thanks, as soon as that looks ok - can start the planning and recruitment phase :D

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    Default Washington, DC

    Richmond to Philly will take you right through Washington - which you mentioned before, so I'm not if that was just an oversight on your list - which is a great place to stop because there are a ton of free museums and things to see. The Smithsonian Institute runs most of the museums:

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    The only problem I see is trying to drive from Buffalo to Gatlinburg in one day. That's over 700 miles. Plan an intermediate stop.

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