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  1. Default The famous SF-LA-GC-LV-SF Tour

    Hi everyone,

    I have been looking through some threads here in a while to get some ideas what places to visit and where to stay. So I will be leaving for California on September 1st.

    I have set up a route from San Francisco until Las Vegas already and need some expert opinions if it is managable or if I am missing out on some great places. All dates are variable but the dates in Las Vegas. I dont want to stay there on the weekend because it would be too expensive.

    Also I need some tips on how to go after Las Vegas if I want to stop in Yosemite Park on my way to Sacramento, where I would like to arrive on the 17th to visit my host family. So here we go.

    Tue 01.09.09 - 02.09.09 San Francisco 1 N
    Wed 02.09.09 - 03.09.09 Monterey 1 N
    Thu 03.09.09 - 04.09.09 San Luis Obispo 1 N
    Fr 04.09.09 - 06.09.09 Los Angeles 2 N
    Sun 06.09.09 - 07.09.09 Lake Havasu City 1 N,
    Mo 07.09.09 - 08.09.09 Grand Canyon 1 N
    Tue 08.09.09 - 09.09.09 Monument Vally / Kayenta 1 N,
    Wed 09.09.09 - 11.09.09 Moab 2 N
    Fr 11.09.09 - 12.09.09 Tropic Bryce Canyon 1 N,
    Sat 12.09.09 - 13.09.09 Valley of Fire
    Sun 13.09.09 - 15.09.09 Las Vegas

    Attached you can see the route on google maps. Also we would taking a tent with us to save some money and to experience the national parks more.
    If you have any suggestions on what camping places to stay at please tell me.

    I will be getting a Annual Pass for the National Parks. If this route stays like it is I must pay entry fee to pass the parks right? And I would drive through several up in Utah.

    Ok thanks in advance for your help. ;)
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    Default looks pretty good

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've got a pretty solid plan. I think the only place I would consider changing is adding another day at the Grand Canyon. Its a big place, and if you're driving on both the day you arrive and the day you leave, you could be a little rushed. Its not essential to change it, but something to consider if you've got an extra day in there. I'd probably also look at making a stop at Zion, even if that means leaving off the Valley of Fire, although you could probably still fit both in.

    A national parks pass will probably be worthwhile. You have to visit 4-5 parks to make it worthwhile, and it looks like you'll probably be doing that, however, you may want to add up the admission fees listed on the national parks website just to be sure its a value for where you'll be stopping. Remember, the pass only covers admission, not camping or other fees.

    Heading to Sacramento from Vegas, the pretty typical choice would be to head through Death Valley and then over Tioga Pass. Ideally, you'd have at least 2 days to make that trip.

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    Hi Thanks for your post! I was a little unsure if it was all manageable.

    About the part from Las Vegas to Sacramento. Where should I stop between LV and Yosemite? Shall I drive through till Bishop stay there overnight and start into Yosemite on the 16th, staying in Yosemite for one night and then heading towards Sacramento the next day? Google Maps just says that the drive from LV to bishop is quite long.

    Also are there any important or advised stops between Las Vegas - Bishop and Los Angeles - Grand Canyon?

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    Default Bishops good.

    Bishop would certainly be an ideal spot to aim for as you are on a pretty tight schedule through DV and Yosemite. It's certainly doable in a day but how long will depend on the time you spend in DV but with an early[ish] start you should be fine. A popular route from Vegas is the 160 to Pahrump and then take the locals road, Ash Meadows/State line road to Death valley junction and then the 190 to Lone pine. You will pass a nice viewing op from Zabriskie point and the Furnace creek resort is a good place to get a drink and have a look around and a short detour nearby to Badwater will take you to the lowest point in the US. Near Stovepipe wells you will pass the sand dunes but the whole landscape is fascinating.

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