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  1. Default West Triangle (L.A-L.V.-S.F)

    Hi Everybody,

    This is the first time I post in this forum. I am planning a trip around L.A-L.V.-S.F. on early september with my brother. I have been reading many post related to this issue which helped me a lot, and after thinking a lot about it I have outlined the following itinerary :

    28 Arrive at L.A at 5.36 P.M.
    29 Stay in L.A.
    30 Stay in L.A.
    31 From L.A. to Palm Springs ( Joshua tree national park ) to Lake Havasu City (or BullHead City) at evening.
    1 From Lake Havasu City to Grand Canyon. Stay in GC.
    2 From Grand Canyon to St George ( Zion Natinal Park ). Stay in St George
    3 From St George to Las Vegas.
    4 Stay in Las Vegas.
    5 Stay in Las Vegas.
    6 From Las Vegas to Death Valley. (Stay there or continue to Lake Isabella)
    7 From Death Valley ( or Lake Isabella ? ) to Sequioa National Park.
    8 From Sequoia National Park to Yosemite National Park.
    9 From Yosemite National Park to San Francisco.
    10 San Francisco.
    11 From San Francisco to San Luis Obispo. ( Or stay whole day in San Francisco )
    12 From San Luis Obispo ( or from San Francisco ? ) to L.A.
    13 Go to L.A airport at 10 A.M.

    However, I still have some doubts left to solve. The main one is about the schedule, I am not sure whether I will be able to make it on time. Maybe I can quit going to St George and spend that day somewhere else. I would like not to rush and enjoy the views while driving. I also would like to know where to stay while I am visiting the parks.

    Well, I hope you guys can help me clear them.

    Thanks in advance, Noe.

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    Default St George ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your itinerary will certainly keep you busy but it's doable. Is there a particular reason for going to St George ? I would of thought your time would be better spent by leaving Grand canyon a bit later and stop at Zion the night and explore the park a bit the following day before heading to Vegas for the evening. You can find info on lodgings inside the parks on the NPS site or for cheaper lodgings look at surrounding towns. Grand canyon would be Williams, Flagstaff or nearer and dearer Tusayan, Zion = Springdale and Yosemite could be from Oakhurst, Mariposa or El Portal to name a few.
    As much as I like San Fran I think you might like to take your time to LA and enjoy some of the coast and stop on route.

  3. Default Thanks.

    First of all, thanks for your quick answer and the link.

    I thought I would be good to spend 1/2 day in Zion Park and then head to St George, but if I can find lodging in Zion I may stay. I was also considering to go to Bruce canyon the same day, but I guess it will be too much.

    One more question.

    About driving from Sequioa National Park to Yosemite. Which way do you think it is the best ? I would like to go through Tioga Pass, although it seems a long drive.

    And if you think I am missing someplace interesting to visit, let me know.


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    Default Food for thought.

    Tioga pass crosses the Sierra's and is a passage that runs East to West and the quickest way from Death valley to Yosemite, but if you are going to Sequoia via the southern route it is not something you can go through but more like drive along it and back from the West. With your tight time schedule that would pushing it, although entering from the South you could drive up to Glacier point. I also think Bryce canyon would be to much with your schedule but there is a compromise you could consider which would mean going from DV over the Tioga pass and visit the grove of giant Sequoias at the southern end of Yosemite which is the Mariposa grove and skip Sequoia NP. This is not so much a recommendation but something for you to think about. This would free up a bit of time but whether you used it to slow up a little or try and squeeze Bryce in is another thing for you to decide.

  5. Default skip Sequioa national park ?

    Yes, I really have to think carefully what to do. I included Sequioa national park as I think it is a must, or at least it is worth visiting. But if Sequioa and Yosemite are similar parks (I really I do not know), sure I would choose Yosemite, this way I will buy some more time to spend in San Francisco.

    Another option would be to give up Zion instead of Sequioa.

    Definitely I will leave Bryce canyon out of the itinerary and focus on Zion.

    I thought I'd solve my doubts, but now I have even more. haha (Anyway whatever I do, the trip will be great)

    Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Default National Park Pass

    Almost forget about this.

    I heard there is a special pass which you can use to get in the national parks instead of buying the tickets in every single park .

    Can anyone confirm this to me or provide more detail information regarding this topic ?


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    Default The pass

    With regards to Sequoia, it is a beautiful place as well as a great drive and if it is a must see for you then I would stick to your original plan and not worry about what you might miss but to enjoy what you will see, you will not be dissapointed. As I pointed out it was not a recommendation but another option open to you if you wished to visit other places.

    The NPS annual pass is $80 and can be purchased at the entrance kiosk to the first park you visit. If you visit the six parks you have mentioned it will save you money.

  8. Default Making up my mind

    well, I think I will follow my original plan and drive to Sequoia. I was just hesitating about which route should be more scenic, either D.V to Sequoia or D.V to Yosemite. Which route do you recomend me to take (D.V-Sequoia-Yosimite) ?

    Once again thanks for your suggestions.

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    Default Options.

    If you are sticking to your plan then I think that with the time you have you would be best off driving through DV to the Lake Isabella area and then Sequoia to Yosemite.
    From Vegas the popular route is 160 to Pahrump and then the locals route to Death valley junction [Ash Meadows/State line road] and then take the 190 across the valley.
    You can either take the 178 just before Panamint springs through Trona [passing Ballarat ghost town] to Ridgecrest and continue on 178 to Lake Isabella or continue to the 395 from 190 and head South and pick up the 14 and then 178.
    From Lake Isabella area you can continue on 178 to the 99 to Visalia and then take the 198 through Lemon cove and Three rivers into Sequoia NP and up the splendid "Generals highway". Although just North of Lake Isabella is Kernville, a lovely little town and if you were to stay there [or even if you didn't] another option is to take the 155 from Wofford heights to the 65 through Portersfield and Exeter, travelling through miles of lemon and orange groves before heading through Three rivers.

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