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  1. Default From San Diego to NYC, suggestions?

    My wife and I are planning a road trip from San Diego to NYC in late September. Since we just want to get there safely ASAP, we plan to take I-15 and then I-80 and try to finish the whole trip in 5 or 6 days. By the way, both of us could drive, hopefully we can get there in 5 days.
    We are not quite sure about the road conditions or other things we should be aware. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks a lot

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As you are making the journey on Interstate you shouldn't have anything to worry about regarding safety and/or road conditions [other than possible construction delays] and although it is possible to do the journey in 5 days they are going to be long ones. With just 5 days you will be looking at travelling for around 10 hours a day with only time for short stops for food, gas and bathroom breaks and in between these breaks it's a good idea to pull off the road every two or three hours to stretch out for ten mins or so. I think you could find that extra day most welcome if it is an option, even if you use it to finish the journey off with a 3 or 4 hour run in.
    When you mention I 15 to I 80 I am not sure if you are thinking of going all the way to SLC or not but I 70/76 to I 80 is slightly quicker according to my mapping and you will get to drive on whats regarded as one of the most scenic Interstates out there, I-70.

    Have a safe journey !

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    My software tags the fastest route as:


    It also shows the following as approximately the same time and distance:


    If it's an issue, the "northern" route has considerably more tolls - I-80 in IL, IN, and OH. The only tolls on the "southern" route are on I-44 in OK.

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