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    Hi, leaving sunday Aug. 16th for a short 4 day road trip. We have a 10 year old, his first road trip ever (of more than 3 hrs in a car). Any advice to help him have fun/not be bored; and what is there to see between VT and NF? Also, then going up to Toronto to catch a baseball game, and head back to VT, again, what to see btwn Toronto and Rutland. We want to stay one night between Toronto and Rutland that might be fun/interesting? Thanks for any and all help.

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    One thing you may consider to keep the 10 year old interested is what I did for my grandchildren, almost the same age...

    I bought them the children's road atlas. They do the games in it, and hi-lite the places they have been, the routes they have taken. It is also a souvenier record of the trip.

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    Lifey, Great idea!! He loves books and maps, so that he could have his own to look at while we go past certain areas/sites he would love. Thanks!!

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