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  1. Default Summer road trip from Chicago

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum. I joined since it seems like the ultimate resource for road trips.

    My wife and I have the week off in 2 weeks and wanted to go on a road trip. We can leave on Tuesday, Aug 18 and can return as late as Sunday, Aug 23 for a total of 6 days.

    I'd like suggestions on possible destinations that we can visit in that timeframe. It could be anything, from relaxing (lying on the beach, walking in the park, national/state parks) to more rugged (hiking, cycling, camping) to touristy (visiting museums, walking tours, learning history, etc). We both LOVE driving (esp in scenic places) so we're not considering flying (UNLESS it's dirt cheap).

    Some constraints though:

    1) Although we both LOVE visiting Washington DC and NYC, we've been to both cities within the past 2 years, although not together. So this could be a last resort if we could not think of something else we haven't done before. Neither of us have really expored places just outside both cities, so if there are any ideas there, we'd like to know.

    2) My wife hasn't been to Boston and is definitely interested in seeing it sometime. Although I just went on a road trip there in 2007 (from Chicago too) and passed by Niagara Falls on the way back with my family (my wife was not part of the trip...before we got married) so it may be too soon for me to do the same thing again.

    3) We may consider exploring New England (with a stop in Boston) and possibly visit the basketball and baseball halls of fame (we're both big sports fans). Not sure if this will all fit in our timeframe. We would love to hear any ideas in this regard.

    4) We've been to Great Smoky Mountains in Tenn and the west coast of Michigan recently so those are out (although we'd definitely go to those places again in the future, just not this soon).

    5) Any Wisconsin ideas? We don't have children so the Wisconsin Dells might be a little too cheesy for us.

    6) Florida has been thrown out there (Orlando, Miami, Key West) but I'm afraid 6 days (driving) would be too short for this. Also, not sure if going to FL in August is a good idea.

    I apologize for the length of this post. If you've made it this far, we would appreciate any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Ever done the Great Lakes Circuit?

    If I had a week and I starting from Chicago, I'd be tempted to drive the Great Lakes and check out all of the small towns along that route. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!

    Here are some field reports and more ideas for you:

    Peter Thody has a great narrative gift for road trips -- Here's one that started in Chicago and you could follow it for three days and then loop back.

    South Dakota is certainly within range -- Here's Peter's take on that area.

    This is a nine-day motorcycle trip around the Great Lakes -- but you chop off a piece for your trip.

    AZBuck's trip around the mid-west in 2007 has some good ideas for you.

    There are several posts about taking a trip down the Mississippi River -- here's one for your reading pleasure...

    Enjoy the planning!


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