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    Default Vancouver BC to Las Vegas. Least mountain climbs.

    We are planning a trip from Vancouver BC to Las Vegas mid September, and want to try a new route. In past we have taken (A) I-5 to Bakersfield and across to Vegas (B) I-5 to Sacramento and across to 395 south to 15 and across to Vegas and (C) I-5 to Mount Shasta 89 to 385 through Reno to Vegas.
    This time we are planning to go I-5 to Seattle,I-90 to 82 join 84 to Salt Lake City then I-15 to Vegas.
    We are pulling a trailer and would like to know how long and severe the mountain climbs are in Washington and Oregon on this route. How do they compare to Siskiyou.
    Thanks Richard.

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    Default Only Two Routes

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    For all practical purposes, there are only two routes between Vancouver and Las Vegas, the one using I-5 south and then around the southern end of the Sierra Nevada via CA-58 to I-15 north, and the other being I-90/I-82/I-84 southeast out of Seattle to I-15 south in Utah. The second route is about 75 miles shorter and since all Interstate highways are built so that there are no climbs steeper than a relatively modest 6%, that's the way I would go.

    Note that nowhere in my analysis would I even consider using US-395 through northern California for serious hauling.


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    we are thinking of dong the same trip in march of next year. what kind of road conditions can we expect? we've travelled down south in summer but never this early.
    any thoughts would be appreciated!

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