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    Hi there guys,

    My name is Susana. I'm going to make a Coast-to-Coast trip in Abril 2010. It's a trip I've been dreaming since my childhood! :)

    We're from Portugal and we would like to ask you some tips about renting a car or even buy a car in the east coast and sell it in west.
    I know that european citizens need a international driving licence.
    What do you think about that? What it will be easier?
    Drive or travel by bus? It's easy for foreigner citizens buy a car?

    We're spending 23 days in this journey... I can't take more days off... :(
    There's so much to see but unfortunely I don't have more days...

    Please, can you help me?
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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    It takes about a week to drive from coast to coast, so with 3 weeks you'll have time to make the trip and see things along the way, but you'll also have to be making some choices about where you go and how you divide up your time.

    Purchasing a car as a non-citizen is extremely difficult, and quite frankly, not cost effective for a trip that's only a few weeks long. You'd have to be on the road for a few months before you'd reach the break-even point compared to rentals.

    Renting a car is going to be more expensive than traveling by bus, but its going to give you a whole lot more freedom. There are a lot of places, especially national parks and other rural areas that you simply can't get to via bus. If you can afford it, I would certainly rent a car. You may find a better deal by looking at European brokers than dealing directly with the Rental agency, but in all cases, you really should spend some time shopping around to find the best price.

    A international drivers license is actually not required - because it doesn't do anything more than provide a translation of your existing drivers license. Having said that, if your license is in Portuguese and not English, it would make sense to get one just to make things easier on yourself.

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