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    Default Leaving September 10th-- 1 year road trip

    Just found this site and am looking for some info from people with experience. I am leaving Sept. 10th from New Jersey to do a one year (or more) road trip. Our winter destination is San Diego but we don't need to get there until sometime in December. So far we're heading down from Jersey to D.C. to Great Smokey Mts. NP, then to Columbia SC, in Georgia and looping around FL. Then we'll head to Biloxi and New Orleans and up through Mississippi to Memphis and Arkansas. From there we will head through Texas across to the Carlsbad Caverns in NM up to Albuquerque to Colorado straight across into Utah. Then we're going to Las Vegas and down in Arizona where we plan to spend a lot of time and finally to San Diego for the winter.

    What should we see that is off the beaten path. We're stopping in Jackson, MS but I have no idea what else in in MS? Any tips would be great.

    Anybody know about getting temporary work on the raod

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    Default We've regretted that we didn't use that title

    "Nothing Left to Lose" is what directly led to the founding of -- you can read more about that here and the first chapter of the book,that we ought to have named that way....

    A year on the road eh? Megan and I spent 6.5 years on the road while we created RTA. How much $$ have you socked away?

    Certainly in Mississippi you ought to swing by the Shack-up Inn -- here's a field report!


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    Default And Some I Found

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    About 4 years ago I made a similar loop trip through the south and central U.S. Perhaps the best advice I can give you is to read through the road reports from that trip to see some of the offbeat places I found to visit and what I thought of them. But these are, of course, just a taste of what's available and meant to simply whet your appetite.


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    Default If I were still allowed to drive in MS...

    ... but that's another story.

    Natchez and Vicksburg; the former for some great ante-bellum houses, the latter for more of the same and some interesting Civil War history. Vicksburg, sometimes styled "Gibraltar of the Mississippi" was the last hold the South had on the Mississippi.

    After a long siege, it finally fell to the union forces under the command of Grant and Sherman; on the same weekend that Lee was forced to retreat from Gettysburg.

    These two events, one in the West, the other in the East, are commonly held to be the turning point in the war (although it dragged on for a couple more years).

    You can still visit the earthworks where the starving defenders held off the Union forces for months.

    Other cities in the South I'd suggest are worth a look are Charleston and Savannah.

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