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  1. Default Seattle WA to Wisconsin

    We have driven extensively across US, doing Rte 66 4 yrs ago & loops from New York & Washington DC.
    In our endeavour to cover as many US states as possible, we would like travel , Seattle to Wisconsin in a loop, taking in such things as Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore & any other sites along the way. Can someone suggest the routes we should cover. We want to visit as many of the states in the North as possible.
    Many thanks

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    Default natural loop

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As it works out, I-90 and I-94 make a nice loop for a good portion of your trip.

    Going one direction, I would stay near I-90 and check out things in Wyoming and South Dakota, like Yellowstone, Devils Tower, The Black Hills/Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, etc.

    Going the other way, I'd stay near I-94 going through Minneapolis, Teddy Roosevelt NP, and then cut across Montana and head to Glacier NP.

    That would be some very basic suggestions that you can add to or subtract from depending upton your personal interests and time constraints

  3. Default Seattle WA to Wisconsin

    Thanks Midwest Michael.
    Not going for another 17 mths but half the enjoyment is in the planning!

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    Default agreed

    I agree that planning really can be half the fun of a road trip, at the very least helping to build the anticipation.

    Let us know as you build more details of your plan, and be sure to ask if you have any more questions.

  5. Default Seatle to Minneapolis & Return

    We intend driving from Seattle to Minneapolis & back using a different route.
    We need some advice on which highways to use to maximise site seeing along the way. Our idea is to drive for 2 days (sleeping overnight in a motel), stay for 2 days somewhere interesting, do the same again & then stay a day or 2 in Minneapolis before driving back following the same routine.
    Our flight arrives Seattle at 1pm, where would be a good place to drive (around 3 hrs drive) from Seattle heading east?
    We are stopping for a few days in Seattle before returning home so would like to hit the road & get a head start.
    Thanks Bertha
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  6. Default seattle

    OOps forgot I'd posted this, a lot has happened since then to muddle my brain!
    Which States does I90 pass through, likewise I94?
    We thought off heading southwest from Minneapolis, towards Denver.
    We want to cover as many states as possible towards our goal of visiting every state in the USA, which is by far our fav holiday destination.

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    Default get a map

    If you really have a goal of seeing as many states as possible, you really need to get out a map and start looking at what roads will help you achieve that goal. I-90 will take you past the places I already mentioned earlier, and doesn't go anywhere near Denver. Going to Denver is a possibility certainly, but it adds a whole lot of miles. Its nearly as far from Seattle to Denver as it is from Seattle to Minneapolis and we'd recommend 2 overnight stops traveling to either city.

  8. Default fargo nd to pierre sd

    This summer we are doing a Minneapolis to Seattle Roadtrip taking in as many states & sites as possible.
    Heading upto Fargo ND first & wondered what the route was like from there down to Pierre SD. We thought we'd use that as a lunch stop on our way to Mt Rushmore area.
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    Default huh?

    I'm just absolutely baffled by your plans right now.

    Why are you going all the way to to Fargo if you are then going to go to Mount Rushmore? You're adding 200 miles by going the wrong direction first, and if you want to cross north dakota off your list, why wouldn't you just go through ND as you travel from Seattle to MSP and go through SD on your way back (or vise versa).

    If this is the way you decide to go, which route did you plan to take to get to Pierre? Since its not connected to the Interstate system (fun fact, its the only state capitol other than water-locked Juneau AK thats not on an Interstate) you've got a few options - heading across ND and then going south, going south from Fargo to Brookings and across, or going all the way down to I-90, across, and then back North to Pierre.

  10. Default seattle= minneapolis

    Hi Midwest Michael,
    Our plan now is add Colorado & Nebraska to our list but still going through all the options.
    Don't mind there is no interstate, it will be Sunday morning so nice time for a drive in the country. We thought we'd take in Mt Rushmore & Little t Big Horn on our way to Seattle, cut down through Oregon & Idaho to Yellowstone (a few days there) drive through YS to Dubois & then down to Estes Prkr, then Denver, Omaha & back to Minneapolis
    As we are going late May early June, Glacier didn't seem a good option hence the more southern route.
    Mind you we will be very flexible & may not make all our list if we find something we fancy along the way. Only booking first night & Mt Rushmore.
    Thanks for taking the time.

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