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    I'm new here...and it looks like a good place to be! I'm helping my mom and her two sisters plan a fun and interesting drive from Denver to Nashville. Any suggestions on things they should see and do? Please keep their ages in mind :)

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    For ease of navigation, I would think that your mom and aunts would like as simple a route as possible. That would just be I-70 to and through St. Louis; I-64 to Mount Vernon, IL; and then I-57 south to I-24 the rest of the way. They should also plan on taking at least three days for the one-way drive which would require covering about 400 miles a day and which would leave time for some pleasant breaks from driving. If they have more time, then 'd recommend two stops they might really enjoy: Harry Truman's home in Independence. MO outside Kansas City, and the Museum of Westward Expansion in St. Louis.


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