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    The girlfriend and I are hoping to do a road trip from Sioux Falls, SD to Seattle. We would leave Aug 13th after work (6.00ish) and need to return to SxFs by the 23rd for work on Mon. We think it'd be great to do two different routes to spice things up a little. Any suggestions? I-90 seems the quickest but a little too easy. Any beautiful, scenic routes worth the detour?

    We don't mind taking our time to get there but would like to be able to spend a few days in Seattle. We would like to spend our nights either camping or going to bed & breakfasts. Any gems along the way? We would love to plan the trip around great small towns, camp grounds, local restaurants, unique tourist sites, historic hotels/B & Bs, and the like.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, tips, or feedback would be great.

    Thank you,

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well you've certainly got some options for scenic routes, but you've also got some pretty noteworthy limitations.

    If you stick to I-90, you're looking at 3 days each way. That certainly is within your reach and your goal of spending a few days in Seattle.

    Now you've got a few very popular detour options. First, would be Beartooth Highway into Yellowstone. Going to the Sun Road through Glacier would also be possible. And if you want to keep things different each direction, you could head along the Columbia River to Portland OR and then head up to Seattle.

    The problem is that these sorts of detours are going to add more miles and more time, so they will take away from your time in Seattle. You'll have to decide how you want to balance out that time.

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    Wonderful! The Great American RoadTrip Forums are the best! We're really digging the Yellowstone detour and have heard wonderful things about Glacier. We're researching now so we'll let you know what we decide!
    Other suggestions are welcome...

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