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    Default Vancouver BC Or Bust !!!

    Hey guys...

    Been a little while since I last posted, but I got a trip coming up at the end of the week and though I would try and get some suggestions of stopping points.

    I'll be heading out of the LA area with an end destination of Vancouver BC. I have seen most of California, so I'll probably shoot up the I5 or 395 until I am out of Cali. I then plan on taking my time going through Oregon, Washington, and the Vancouver area.

    I have a maximum of 16 days to make it there and back by car, so I am think about 4/5 days up, hanging in Vancouver for 4/5 days, and then 4/5 days back. I would like to take a different route back than I did up.

    Any recommendations of things to see places to stop would be appreciated. I'm leaving this weekend. :)

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    Here is a quick list of way points:

    Los Highway, CA
    Avenue of the Giants, CA
    Portland, OR (Not Sure, but sounds good) *I think the Goonies was filmed around here....
    Crater Lake, OR (Pretty)
    Salem, OR (Not Sure, but there is a Bimmer meet at Sonic Burger on Wednesdays)
    Seattle, WA (First Starbucks & Space Needle)
    Forks, WA (Home of Twilight!)
    Vancouver, CA
    Bowen Island, BC (Harper's Island)

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    Anyway, here is my route.
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