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    my husband and i are planning a roadtrip for this fall for our belated honeymoon. we live in dallas and know that our first leg of the trip is getting to boulder colorado. From there, we need help. We want get up to seattle but we don't know the best way to do it - we want good scenery and aren't pressed for time at all, we might want to see yellowstone but know nothing about it. Once we get to seattle we are going up to tofino in canada and we know how to go about that part of the trip....however, our return trip is a total mystery....we will be coming down to washington from victoria and want to drive along the coast for wonderful scenery - we know that adds a lot of time to the trip so we don't want to do it the whole way down but we defintely want to do it - we plan to maybe stop in san francisco, maybe l.a., we'd like to do san diego and then head to vegas and then to arizona and hopefully see grand canyon and then into new mexico to alberquerque and roswell and back to dallas. how do we do this?? we want to stay in hotels and like i said, we don't have a time limit, though we don't want to be gone a whole month. help!! we're going crazy

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    I really think your best bet to start off is just to slow down and organize your thoughts a bit. Sit down and figure out all the places you know you want to go, and some places you might want to add if they work. From there, grab a map and take a look at what lies between your personal must see and stop points.

    The next thing you should do is figure out realistically how much time you want to be on the road, because I can see this being an issue. On one hand, you're saying you're not pressed for time, but on the other you're saying you don't want to be gone a month - yet the number of miles and stops that you've laid out could easily take a month or more - and is probably a pretty solid 3 weeks at the bare minimum.

    Once you've got those basics down, it should be much easier to start putting the pieces together. Right now, you've just got all your ideas scattered around into this great big idea of a "roadtrip" and once you break things down into managable pieces, I think you'll be able to go from dreaming to planning.

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