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    My husband and I will be coming to Denver for a 3 week trip, making a loop from Denver to Badlands,Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Jackson and back to Denver. coming into Denver the first week in Oct. Our main goal is to see things of nature and wildlife. I'm thinking of 2-3 days in Denver and surrounding areas, taking in Pikes Peak, (2-3 days), Badlands, Mt. Rushmore (1-2), Yellowstone (2-3), Grand Tetons, Jackson (1-2) Need to know some off the beaten tract areas between routes, and should I expand any of these areas, or try to see another area in my 3rd week. Will the Aspens have their fall color or will it be to late? What are the best areas for wildlife. Don't want to be so tied down to an area that we have to be from Point A to Point B at a certain day (hour). All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jean

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    Pikes peak really isn't very far from Denver, and I don't think you really need to spend nearly a full week just exploring the Denver/Colo Spring area. I'd probably do Pikes peak as a daytrip, and then spend a night near Rocky Mountain National Park as you start to make your way north.

    If you wanted to expand your trip out a bit more, you might be able to fit in Glacier NP and maybe Teddy Roosevelt NP. However, Going to the Sun Road will be closed for construction in October, so you would miss out on a major highlight of Glacier.

    I would say that spending a bit more time in the Black Hills would be in order. There is a lot more than just Mount Rushmore. Jewel and Wind Caves, Custer State Park, and Devils Tower are among the many things that could be added to your list.

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    Hi, We start out from Denver a few days earlier than you and are heading on a more southern route from Denver. If you wanted to spend a little more time in Colorado some of the options you could incorporate in your trip would be Garden of the gods and Manitou springs [Pikes peak], Currecanti recreation area/Black canyon, Colorado National Monument/Grand junction, and Rocky mountain NP. If you were to take I70 to the 40 to Granby you could go over the Trial ridge road [34] which is the highest continuous paved road in America to Estes park and then out to Loveland and get on I 25 North. If this appealed to you I would do it at the start of the trip [if it isn't to late already] as the road will close with the first major snow falls.
    On the way back from Yellowstone you could head to the Flaming gorge res on 191 and Dinosaur national monument. At this point you could head to Grand junction and Colorado NM and work through the above list [backwards, doh !] to Pikes peak. You might not have time to squeeze it all in but you can pick through your options.
    If you visit more than 4 major parks you will find it more budget friendly to purchase the annual pass from the first park you visit for $80 which entitles you to entrance to all of them.

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    I agree with other posters to check out Rocky Mountain National Park. In October you very well may hear and see the rutting of the male elk. Estes Park is a beautiful place to stay and see. And Trail Ridge Road is a must do - although it can be a little scary for those afraid of heights. We just returned to CA from the area last week.
    Sounds like a wonderful trip for you!

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    Do you have any recommendations for accomodations in Estes Park. Am definitely adding this to our list and we are going to head in that direction first. So excited - we will go the Trail Ridge Road route, can't wait. Thanks for any and all help. Jean

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