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    Good evening.

    We're going to be taking a two week trip from Seattle to San Diego near the end of August. So far we've got flights, a car and one night hotel after we arrive from the UK.

    We're planning on taking the laptop so we can take advantage of Priceline bookings once we have a vague idea of where we're going to be in the evening but I was wondering about access.

    I know there are going to be plenty free Wifi spots but I wondered about the availability of Mobile Broadband in the USA.

    In the UK, we have little USB dongles with a cell sim card which you can get broadband access on and they are cheap (around $20) and data is reasonable ($15 a Gb on a no contract basis).

    Is similar mobile broadband available in the US or are we better relying on wifi whenever we can?


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    Default yes but

    This option does exist, but it tends to be rather expensive. Generally, you either have to lock into a contract or pay a fairly significant up front fee, or pay a high monthly/usage rate. You'd have to search for specific rates, however, I'm not sure what they are running these days.

    Personally, I just rely on free wifi, which is usually quite easy to find - and of course, its free!

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    As Michael says, it can work out quite expensive, and if you are not a North American resident, you may as well forget about it. Furthermore, if you are travelling alone, having wifi on the go is useless.

    Lifey also relies on easily accessible free wifi

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