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  1. Default Leaving August 7, 2009 KC to Vancouver

    thanks done on trip
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    Default short answers

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    1- Depends completely on your personal tastes. Using a tent will be cheaper, but require more work and space.

    2- I'm guessing you have been reading Jamie Jensen's book? Otherwise, I'm not sure what you'd be refering to as the "Oregon Trail Route."

    3- You haven't really told us enough about what you are doing or looking for to provide much more useful information. How much time do you have? What are your interests? What's your reason for the trip? Etc.

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    Thanks for the guiding questions
    My partner and I have 2 weeks to complete the trip and are taking it to spend time together from hectic lives, we are torn whether to camp or motel, we have road tripped/tented throughout Canada in the past and have the equiptment. I am a history/Geography teacher and love History, natural formations etc. As for the oregon trail I have not read the book, yet the idea was to perhaps use the Lewis and Clark expedition as a route to the coast.
    My partner, she has similiar interests, and Independence Missouri, she will take in the Truman library, and In KC, music and history.
    -suggestions for routes
    -off the beaten track roads which will keep us headed for Oregon
    -and any other tidbits you all can offer
    hope this helps,

  4. Default Road Trip Change

    After reading all that you folks have written in various threads I have changed my road trip considerably.
    Rapid City (Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Badlands, hike along Little Missouri etc)
    Denver ( not through city but hopefully a route through scenic rockies)
    SLC (Arches, Bryce)
    Boise (Before boise Craters of the Moon and ???)
    Pendleton (follow columbia see Gorge)
    Portland (a day or two)
    Vancouver BC
    14 days to complete this with a cooler for lunches and dinners and staying in motels
    What I would like to ask is any recommendations of routes to take, sights I might be over looking
    4.5 days hard driving with 8.5 days of exploration

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    Default Also En Route

    Some other roads and places you should consider on your way would include Wind Cave National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, I-70 west from Denver, Colorado National Monument, Arches National Park, Bruneau Canyon and Bruneau Sand Dunes, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.Mount St. Helens and Olympic National Park. If you think you're going to be visiting at least 4 national parks, be sure to get a National Parks Pass at the first entry gate you come to.


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    thank you AZ Buck

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