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    Hello everyone, starting to think about planning a road trip sometime next year starting in Seattle and ending in Houston. we have friends in Seattle where we will be staying for 3 to 4 days and again friends in Houston where we hope to stay for 5 to 6 so in between we are looking for advice. we thought about driving down the west coast taking in the sights and looking at the map it seems that there is a lot to do until you get to las vegas. the drive from there to houston seems vast and we are toying with idea of flying to houston from vegas. therefore does this seem like a good idea
    seattle to portland
    portland to san francisco
    san fran to los angeles
    la to las vegas
    fly from las vegas to houston?
    i suppose what we would like to know is have we enough time in 10 days to see the sights on this route and by looking at other sites renting a car seems the way to go?
    looking forward to your ideas,

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    Well, not surprisingly, I'm going to recommend that you drive from Las Vegas to Houston. This is the RoadTrip America website after all. If you had gone to, I'm sure that they would suggest that you fly. But also as some one who lives between those two cities, I know that there is quite a bit to see and do on the way including, but by no means limited to, Sedona, Saguaro National Park, White Sands National Monument, Carlsbad Caverns/Guadalupe Mountains National Parks, Fort Lancaster, and the Alamo. As we say (from experience) around here: There are no boring places.

    It's a three day drive from Las Vegas to Houston, plus whatever time you want to spend seeing the sights, and that will certainly factor into your decision, but it can also be a very rewarding drive through a unique area of the country.


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    Another point of interest would be a side trip to the Grand canyon South rim on route but it will basically come down to timing and how much of it you want to spend in each place and on the coast [rather than Interstate] traveling between Seattle and LA. Vegas is around the half way point if you continued by road so you would be looking at six full days on the road overall but if you wanted to spend a couple of days in SF, LA and Vegas for example you would have to add a few more days or fly.
    The road trip wins every time for me !

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    It is some time ago now... but I drove from Vancouver to Dallas, and found the drive from LV to Dallas most interesting. Albuqueque, Sante Fe and Taos were great. And even on the highway I-40 there is a most interesting display of buried American cars. As Buck said, there really are no boring places, especially if you take an interest in where you are.

    Lifey who loves that part of the country

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