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  1. Default From Houston TX to NYC for Thanksgiving

    I am a band director and am very fortunate to get a week off for Thanksgiving. I have been talking with a buddy of mine about heading to NYC to watch the Macy's parade for Thanksgiving. We will leave the Saturday before Thanksgiving and hope to leave NYC the day after Thanksgiving.

    I have looked at seeing the main points in Washington D.C. (white house, washington memorial, lincoln memorial, etc.) and Philadelphia (independence hall, brotherly love, and art museum) while we are traveling through the neighborhood.

    I'm just curious if anyone has any tips of things we should do/see while we are on that route? I took a roadtrip to Montana in June and happened across Carhenge in Nebraska on my way to Mt Rushmore. I thought this was great! I like things that are unique and off the "beaten path."

    I do like to push the envelope when I head out for a roadtrip because the drive is the vacation... the parade will just be a great end to a wonderful trip! We will have to drive almost nonstop to get home in time to recuperate for work!

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    I'd highly recommend you make it a 3 day trip each way - it's close to 1700 miles and you would be looking at 10 to 12 hours on the road each day not counting sightseeing detours. If you took 4 days getting there, this would give you half a day in DC and half a day in Philly and 2 days in NYC. If you took 3 days going back, this will minimize the need for recuperation and your drive will be a lot safer than if you tried to push it well into the night.

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    Default The "Trail"

    Hello ross,

    Coming from Houston, perhaps you're accustomed to heavy traffic. That said, the corridor south of DC, roughly starting in Richmond, and from there to DC all the way well past NYC, is referred to as the Ho Chi Minh Trail. For a couple or three days before Thanksgiving, and on the Sat and Sun immediately afterward, I-95 features stop and roll, 80 mph to 20 mph, and in a really bad Thanksgiving week, some ice and snow. Planning a high speed trip to and from Gotham at that time, including time in Philly and DC, seems to me to be a near-futile effort. Unless you're resigned to such, I'd look at coming up I-81 from east of Knoxville, TN, well into PA, and access NYC without venturing into the DC/Baltimore/Philly/NJ corridor. Even then, weather and traffic can be issues along I-81 even in Virginia, let alone through the Poconos in PA.

    Your goals are noble. Your route can be rough sledding. Just don't assume it'll be an open road trip once you reach the Eastern Seaboard.


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