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  1. Default Waterford, MI to Mackinac, Mi Area ( 3 nights ) Comments Please

    Hey guys... Thanks for taking the time to look at my post..

    Any ways- shall we.

    Some time in September ( 18th or something ) my friend and I go to college as freshman's. Now both being 18 and wanting to do something before that next step in our lives. We wanted to plan something that wasn't so fair away and was still away from our crazy family's.. Lol....

    Can we do this for under 300 bucks?

    ( 3 Nights )

    General Run Down-
    -Mackinac city is around 300 miles away from my house. (600 round)
    -Allow for 100 extra miles for what ever
    -- Total miles 700. Guessing Average mile to the gallon 20- price of gas $108

    Now I know that renting a hotel room is going to be alot of mula.. So we are camping out for the nights. Camp site $22. Now we also plan on cooking for our selfs 75% of the time. Thinking of $12 to $20 total for a day. Depending.

    Whole point is mostly to see the landscape- maybe hike a mile or two here and there and etc. Any ideas for places to see that is cheap ( besides the island, can't really miss that ) And is this possible? Any way to make it cheaper? Thanks!

    Kyle Hildebrand

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    Default quite reasonable

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your plan is quite reasonable, and if you are careful, there is no reason that you can't keep this within your $300 budget.

    One thing I will note is that because Mackinac is such a tourist hub, things can be a bit more expensive than you might pay elsewhere.

    If you want to try and keep your costs down even more you might look at some other destinations or possible places to stay. $22 certainly isn't an unreasonable amount of money for a campsite, but there is a ton of national forest and state forest land in Northern Michigan with primative sites for $10 a night. Of course, you'll only have the most basic of services, so there is a trade-off.

    Another spot in the area I'd think about going is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which I enjoyed quite a bit and is basically free. You might also check out the Soo Locks, and if you have your passports you could look into crossing into Canada for a little bit.

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