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    My boyfriend and I are planning 3 day a trip along rt 66 from New Mexico to California. Does anyone have any suggestions of not to miss spots? I am also an avid hobby photographer and would love some suggestions on great photo ops.


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    There isn't much left (actually, officially there's nothing left) of US-66, but there are sections of the old pavement out there. Perhaps the most iconic section is that in northwestern Arizona west of Seligman. There are also some great photo ops in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon along I-40 which has largely replaced US-66 through Arizona and New Mexico.


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    I'd take old 66 west from Seligman into Kingman, then pick up the old road again up into Oatman. West of Needles, you can take another stretch of old 66 and either get to Barstow or take Amboy Rd down to 29 Palms.

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    this is great thanks!

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