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    Me and my buddy are planning a road trip Aug 16 from San Francsico to Lincoln. We plan on spending one night in Salt Lake City and one night in Denver.

    We are looking for recomendations of places to go, such as:
    Restaurants with eating contests/competitions, Small towns to visit along the way, and points of interest.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Your current plans call for you to cover the 1750 miles between San Francisco and Lincoln in 3 days. That's just within the realm of possibility if all you do is drive ten and a half hours each day and only take time out for fuel, food and restroom breaks at exit ramp service facilities. You certainly don't have time for wandering off to visit small towns, points of interest, or engaging in eating contests. To remain within your stated timeframe, you're going to have to treat this drive like work, and just enjoy the view through the windshield and whatever diversions your motel desk clerk can suggest once you get set up for the evening.


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    I didn't say the road trip was going to be only two nights. I said that we plan on staying one night in Salt Lake City and one night in Denver, that's why i was looking for interesting things to do in order to extend the duration of the roadtrip or at least interesting things to do in those respective cities...

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    I assume you'd probably be taking the I-80 route the majority of the way. If thats the case, there is Thunder Mountain in Imlay, NV and the Ames brother's Monument in Buford, Wyoming. Both of which are a relatively short distance off of I-80. The Ames monument is just a giant pyramid in the middle of nowhere. Also, if you have the time, you can make the journey up to Alliance, NE and visit Carhenge, a replica of stonehenge made completely out of cars. has articles on all three.

    In terms of food in Denver, CO, I don't know if you've heard of the show Man VS Food but the host did stop at a few different places there. They're listed here:

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