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    Hi guys, I'm Luca from Italy. I'll spend my summer holidays in your magic country and I'm planning to drive from Chicago to San Francisco, spend some time there, then again drive to LA. It's my girlfriend and me, and I'm gonna do most of the driving, so I'd like to see nice places but not like drive...forever...I know the basics from San Francisco to La, but what about Chicago to San Francisco? is it worth the time? and much will it take?
    thanks so much,

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, since there is the entire American West between Chicago and LA, there are certainly plenty of things you could see. Of course narrowing down half of a continent without knowing what sorts of things you might be interested in is really no easier than getting a list of things that you could do in all of Western Europe.

    Done quickly, you could make this drive in as little as about 4 days, but that would be pretty full days on the road. How much time you should take would depend upon what and how much you want to do and of course how much time you have.

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    Thanks 4 the fast reply. Yeah, it's a lot..and while I was waiting for an answer I checked some maps and sites, and well, looks like I should probably go for Route 66 to LA with some stops (lets say 3 nights)...then head to u agree?

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    Well, There's nothing wrong with going route if that includes the things you want to see. You should note, however, that Route 66 technically does not exist anymore as it has been replaced by Interstate Highways. There are segments of the old road that are still there, but they'll take a bit more time to travel.

    As I mentioned, 3 overnight stops is pretty much the least amount of time you can make the trip safety, and that is going to be very full days on the road. If you want to stop and see things along the way then you'd want to add more time. However, that's a decision you have to make based on what you are looking for.

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    the idea is to see some real america on the road and possibly mountains, forests, lakes, u know the full package..the Grand Canyon...not Vegas though, been there, done that...maybe the road to SF would be more like it, with Utah and Colorado...what would u do?

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    Default It's mostly "real".

    Hi Luca,
    As Michael has said there are loads of things to choose from and at the moment you need to look at the things along the different routes and decide what appeals to you the most and most importantly, how long will you have for the road trip part of your holiday ? I would definitely recommend driving through Colorado and Utah and visiting some of the amazing National parks on the way to the Grand canyon and LA. You will witness some amazing and diverse scenery from Alpine to red rock desert to coast. If you had the time and wanted to head to San Fran and then down to LA you could also travel via Yosemite between GC and SF.
    Once you have done a little more research and found points of interest to you let us have a look at your suggested itinerary and how much time you have to cover the ground and we can start pointing you in the right direction.

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