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    Toward California are the services west of Cheyene on I-80. We have already driven west of Denver on I-70 and west on I-40. Are the services on I-80 more or less sparse than 70 or 40? From Chicago...San Francisco is the final destination.


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    You'll find services will be pretty similiar to I-40 and I-70. The longest stretches you'll go between exits is about 50 miles, and of course, you'll always have plenty of other traffic in case you do run into a problem.

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    Along I-80 west of Cheyenne, large-scale travel plazas which come to mind just off the cuff include Rawlins, Rock Springs/Green River, Little America, and Evanston.

    In Utah services are available along I-84 just west of the I-80 junction, then much more at Ogden. Keeping on I-80 from the I-84 split brings you to services at Coalville, Park City, and Salt Lake City.

    As was noted above, I'd be surprised to find > 50 miles between services, and there's more than enough traffic such that you're not going to be stranded and unnoticed to any extent whatsoever.


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    Thanks folks... I actually figured we would be ok up to Salt Lake after looking at a map. It's between Salt Lake and Reno that looked pretty desolate and scary, but we feel better now. I guess it can't be any more desolate than I-8 from Phoenix to San Diego? We drove that last year.

    Thanks Again!

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    There is a truck stop/travel plaza just west of SLC and not much else untill you get to Wendover Nv {about 100 mi.} at the Ut/Nv state line. From there, there are services at pretty much every exit.

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    Thanks Johnny, Would you say that is the longest stretch on I-80 without services between Cheyenne and the NV/CA state line?

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