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    Hello, all. I'm planning a motorcycle trip to Red Rock country this fall, second week of November. I'm debating whether to stick to I-10 once I clear Lordsburg, NM, or wander off onto 70 (which will take me all the way to Globe, AZ) and the back road into Payson and Camp Verde. Anyone here familiar with those roads? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    While I'm not familiar with either of those roads, a glance over at a terrain map shows that US-70 follows in between some interesting looking mountains to Globe. Then from there, you have the option to continue North on two-lane roads over the mountains, or to go into Phoenix and then to Sedona from there. I would think (but may be wrong) that the traffic on US-70 would be quite a bit lighter than the Interstate, especially heading through the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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    Well, I certainly applaud your sense of adventure in wanting to take the back roads rather than just following I-10. The freeway is currently a real mess through Tucson, but they claim they'll be done 'soon', and it is always congested through Phoenix. Speed limits on open highway stretches of US-70 and some of the other state routes you'll be using tend to be 60-65 mph and most traffic will be going a shade better, and the drive is quite a bit more visually interesting than the cities of Tucson and Phoenix and the flat, sparse desert in between. Anyway, after Globe you'll want to take AZ-188 past Roosevelt Lake to where it joins AZ-87 north to Payson. After Payson (a town worth wandering a bit if you have the time) AZ-260 will take you to Camp Verde. A short jog north on I-17 will bring you to AZ-179 into Sedona.


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    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    I think I-10 is a mess everywhere...if you've ever been through Katy (west of Houston), you'll know what I mean. I've read up a little and 177, between Winkelman and Superior, is supposed to be an awesome bike road. I won't be too pressed for time (taking nine days off), and I really prefer "the road less traveled". My main concern is the availability of services...I've got a range of about 150 miles before reserve kicks in. I'd hate to get to roaming about too much in the wilderness (I get distracted easily) and have my tank run dry.

    Schnebly Hill Road, between 17 (Mund's Park), and Sedona looks like it'd be wicked bad. I shoot landscapes, which is one of the reasons I'm heading that way. Satellite map shows some interesting terrain. Anyone been on it?

  5. Default Austin-Sedona, Pt. 2

    Going through Google Maps, looks like I'll be leaving I-10 at Lordsburg, NM, and taking US70 all the way to Midland City, AZ. Then it'll be 188 (Apache Trail or Globe-Young Hwy...take your pick) into 87, just past Jake's Corner, seeing as it passes Roosevelt Lake (photo op!). A beautifully desolate stretch of road. Question #1 is, how is the water level in the lake? The lakes here in Austin are pitifully low (maybe you've heard about stolen cars being found since the level's dropped). I'm put in for 11/9 through 11/13, plus a weekend front & back, for nine days...temp charts I've seen show 74 degrees as the high and 48 as the low, with average rainfall at .7" for the month. So, Question #2 is, when's the monsoon season? And are y'all in as bad of shape as Texas is? It's bad here. And while we're talking weather, is it windy? West Texas has a constant of about 10mph during normal spells. I-10 out that way is notorious for crosswinds. Last question: tourists. I was hoping to arrive when there was the fewest number of folks around (I like my solitude), but had heard about the fall foliage (almost forgot about that). Any must-see sights for fall colors between Phoenix and Flagstaff (or within 100 miles or so in any direction thereof)?

    This may be my last "big trip", and plan to make it worth the 3000 or so miles.
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    Default Sedona area.

    A trip through Red rock state park and Oak creek crossing to Sedona might be the answer to one of your questions.

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    Thanks for your reply...Oak Creek Canyon looks to be what I'm after. Looking at Schnebly Hill Road on Google Earth some parts look unpaved, but I've no idea how old there images are. Looked like it'd been well graded, though. No problems being on two wheels?

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