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    Hi Folks,

    We are going on a Road Trip from SF to Vegas - 11th - 15th August - taking in some of the sights here listed or detailed in the above map.

    My questions are two fold.

    Will getting accomodation along the above route be difficult at this time ? or do we need to particularly pre-book stuff for places like Yosemite?

    Secondly - Car Rental - is it much more expensive to rent in SF and drop off in LV - as we are thinking of flying back - and what would people recommend.

    Thanks for all your help -
    great forum by the way and it has proved invaluable in helping us plan this

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    Default yes and no

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    August certainly falls into peak season at Yosemite, so you would strongly be advised to prebook, especially if you want to stay inside the park. In fact, it may already be too late to find a vacancy in the Yosemite Valley or near the rim of Grand Canyon. You could end up staying in one of the towns about an hour away from those parks, and have to commute.

    For car rental, you'll have to shop around, but since its such a popular route, the drop off fee between SF and Vegas is usually pretty small, and in some cases you can get them to waive the fee altogether. Again, this is subject to the specifics of the supply and demand at the time you're renting.

    As far as the specifics of your trip, I really don't see how you can fit all of what you are proposing to do in just 5 days. Trying to fit in Yosemite, Death Valley, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce plus the several hundred miles of driving involved isn't going to give you any time to see the places you've listed.

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    Thanks Michael,

    We are not planning on doing everything - just some of the items of interest that we listed above in the trip; mostly the first part on the SF to LV route - and not so much the other stuff which is beyond that.

    Can you recommend towns where we might get accommodation close to Yosemite? as we have nothing booked and mostly likely not to get something there now.


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    Default outside

    Oakhurst and Mariposa are the two towns with the most options for lodging. Pretty much all of those motels will call themselves "Yosemite" but you are looking at a 45 minute (very scenic) drive before you're really in the park.

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    Default Wide spot in the road...

    May be some motel options in El Portal as well.

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