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    Default Orlando to LA In Feb 2010 HELP!!


    We are coming from Australia to the US in Feb 2010 planning to be in Orlando for the 4th Feb for a shuttle launch (fingers crossed it still goes ahead) and we are trying to decide how we should get back to LA to head home.

    Our original plan was for 2 weeks in a RV in Florida, as my husband has never been there & this is our 10th wedding anniversay trip & then fly to LA for a week there so the girls (age 3 & 18 months at time of trip) can meet Mickey Mouse.

    But it was suggested to us to spend the entire 3 weeks possibly 4 & drive from Orlando to LA. I have done a google map search on the routes & I would love to go via Colorado to see the ski fields as none of us have been that way, but I need help working out a route to follow.

    There will be 5 of us in the motorhome, taking the mother in law with us, so we dont' want to be driving for hours at a time as the girls will drive us nuts & we want it to be a great experience.

    So any suggestions of different routes, places to see etc that can have us go via Colorado, the Grand Canyon (I work in a place that claims to have the worlds widest canyon so I want to compare!!), Vegas to LA. And we would like around 3 days in LA at least. I have been told to stay off the back roads in the Colorado area due to the dangers so we were looking at the major highways but any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    Default Sounds Like Fun to Me

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well certainly all that is possible, so a few things to keep in mind as you plan:

    You do realize that you can take your kids to see Mickey Mouse in Orlando, don't you? Orlando is home to Disney World, whereas Los Angeles (Anaheim) is home to Disneyland. Both are large theme parks where your older daughter would have a marvelous time.

    I wish you the best of luck on your shuttle launch. I went to three before I saw one actually get off the ground, but the experience was well worth it. If you can, try to go for a tour of the Kennedy Space facility a few days before the launch. On the days leading up to the launch and for a few days afterward, especially in the event of a delay, tours will be very crowded. Unfortunately, as the shuttle fleet approaches the end of its useful lifetime, they have to be more and more cautious with each launch. But the intention is always to go when and as planned.

    Going to Los Angeles by way of Colorado only adds a few hundred miles and maybe a day or so to your total driving, so that is a detour well worth making. Just remember that February will be serious winter through the mountains and so you'll have to be prepared to wait out any snowstorms that may occur during your time there. Colorado and Utah road crews are highly experienced and well equipped and will have the main roads cleared within hours of the last flake falling, but still - build some time into your schedule to be sitting out the storm itself, enjoying its beauty, and letting the crews do their work. There are several ski areas in the mountains west of Denver along I-70 that you should be easily able to get to. Remember that they too want their access roads open as soon as possible after a snowfall so that people can come and ski (and spend money!)

    There is absolutely no reason to be driving for hours at a time anywhere on the major highways in the U.S. A few years ago, I did an exercise where I found nice places to stop every couple of hours and close to the major roads. There are also lists of places to stop in each state that may be within easy side trip distance of your route.

    Just very generally, your route from Orlando to Los Angeles would go roughly through Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver and Las Vegas. So get out a good map or atlas of the U.S. and have a look at what's along there that you'd like to see and show your daughters. The Grand Canyon should probably be done as two day trip from Las Vegas or alternatively, you could head south through eastern Utah past Arches National Park and Monument Valley to get to it that way.

    Be sure to let us know if we can be of any more help.


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    Default So many options

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Well it sounds like a wonderful option and with 3-4 weeks you certainly have the time to drive across the country but that time can soon dissapear if you still want a full week in LA and time in Florida. I would estimate that if you travelled from Orlando to Colorado and onto LA in an RV you would be looking at 10 days if you were to cover 300 miles a day which would mean being in the vehicle for 5 or 6 hours per day, [Not so bad when broken up with short stops] but any detours or major sight seeing would need to be added to that. I think at this stage you need to have another look at the map and do a little research [the forums have loads of info, just use the search button] finding places of interest to you and how they can best fit into a chosen route. Once you have some dots on the map we can help to join them up but other than that there are just so many options.

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    Thanks guys. We are giving Disney World a miss as I cannot justify the costs when our girls are so young, so we are planning on spending a week there in a few years so they get the best out of it, after we go to the Bahamas. Disneyland seemed the cheaper option and a reason to stay in LA.

    I have bought a road atltas of the US (And got it from my local bookshop here in Oz) so I will sit down & have a look at the towns you have metioned & the local attractions.

    With travelling through the mountains in the winter, is there a place on the web where I can see what RV parks may & may not be open. I did with my parents 14 years go from New York to Orlando & we found this a problem in the Philly area.

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    I have had a bit more of a look at the routes across & think I may have found the one we will take.

    Looking to head out of Florida to Montgomery, Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Amrillo, Albequerque, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, LA.

    Any hints or travel tips for this route with 2 kids, mother in law & sister in law in tow??

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    Default How can we help ?

    Hey Craig and Sarah.

    What sort of info were you looking for ? Your destinations are all achievable from day to day but is that your total number of nights for the road trip or will you be taking more time ? Here is a list of places to pull off Interstate and have a bit of R@R along the way. While making your way to Memphis from Montgomery you will be heading through Tupelo, Elvis' birthplace and maybe you have some time for a detour from Albu to GC and you could drive through Monument valley, possibly visiting Mesa Verde or Canyon De Chelley.

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