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    Hi there,

    I'm planing a 2 week west coast road trip, and I have been looking for a camper/rv rental. I found plenty online but I really don't know what would be best for me. The VW westfalia looks really cool because it's not an over sized vehicle, but they do look a little old. My budget for the rental runs up to about $1800 for the rental package.

    suggestions anyone???



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    Well, anything you get from a rental agency should be in good working order so "looking old" shouldn't be a problem.

    Otherwise, we really can't answer your questions. The prices and possibilities are far too great for us to decide these things for you, especially when we really don't know much anything about you or what you might be looking for.

    What I would recommend is that you simply do a little more research. There are several articles in the planning section about RV travel that can give you a better idea of what would work best based on your needs. This article about RV Rentals in particular would be helpful for you.

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