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    Default 2009 62-day Trip by Lifey

    A Summary - 62 days (click here to read her field reports!)
    Here is a summary of where my precious dollars went during the trip from Newton to Alaska and back. I have no idea how to calculate the difference between US and CA dollars, especially since my conversion was from AU dollars. And I do not know how either stands against the AU dollar.

    16/5 to 17/7 - 13.660 miles.


    6 nights with family
    9 nights with friends
    12 nights at truck stops
    2 nights on the trip
    2 nights at wayside stops
    15 nights in RV parks - US$74.50...CA$288.76
    11 nights in hostels - US$255.00...CA$24.00
    5 nights in motels - US$201.43

    Total: US$530.93...CA$312.76


    US: 391.34 gallons cost $1020.79 for an average of $2.609p/g.
    CA: 170.65 gallons (634.93 litres) cost $690.54 for an average of $4.047p/g.
    Highest price per gallon in US - $3.399 - Glennallen AK.
    Highest price per gallon in CA - $4.684 ($1.249 per litre) - Fort Nelson.

    Other Costs

    Vehicle maintenance and repair - US$847.83...CA$451.14
    Groceries, including eating out - US$597.63...CA$214.79
    Internet - US$9.90
    Sundry camping requirements - US$44.45...CA$14.49
    National Parks Pass - US$80.00
    Trip to Prudhoe Bay - US$725.00
    Gifts and souveniers - US$154.23...CA$93.41

    Vehicle maintenance and repair, even though high, is nowhere near as high as it would have cost to rent a car. And although I was frugal, at no time did I skimp on something I really wanted, nor on healthy food.

    This is the first time I have done a summary of a trip, and I must say, I am most pleased with the result. It is good to know where the money has gone.


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    this summary is VERY helpful! my sister and i are planning a similar length trip with many of the same variables. we are starting in baltimore and taking a huge 2mo long loop around the us with a stretch up to alaska in there too. we will be staying with friends and family alot and camping the majority of the other nites. we however, are renting a car which is much more expensive, but we have accepted this as our best possible option. all of the food/other costs are very close to what we've estimated so it is good to know that we're not too far off. gas was a little more than i budgeted. i can't believe how expensive it is in canada?!

    the link above did not seem to take me to lifey's fieldreports. can anyone repost a direct link, as i would luv to read more about her travels!

    thanks, em

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    The link is working fine for me, so I'm not sure why you'd be having a problem with it.

    The thread itself is in the Field Reports section of the forum, and if you change the settings so you see threads going back by at least a month, you should be able to find it manually too.

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