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    Hi all! Not long ago I posted that my friends and I were thinking of taking a road trip somewhere south, and you guys gave me some great routes and information. However, we are now changing our original plan as we only have 5 days and we want to spend most of that time touring not driving so we are going to go north bound from New York City (really Queens) toward Vermont. A few things we know we want to do is stop in Boston, go to the Ben and Jerry's factory in Waterbury, Vermont, and maybe do some sort of pretty hike on one of the mountains. So again I ask your help--does anyone know any good routes to take that will lead us through some nice places to stop? Or even just the best route to take to Vermont? Can anyone think of key stops to make on our trip? Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks a lot!

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    Vermont is a great place! You can easily find great stops on your way, just browse around on googlemaps and find a local hwy to take. Googlemaps allows you to move your route around and choose the roads you want. Also, the Ben and Jerry's tour is quite nice.

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    Take a look at some great suggestions from AZBUCK in this thread

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    All the general advice that I gave you earlier still applies. So I'll just offer a few specifics for your new destinations. In Boston, since you'll only have a day at most, be sure to get a map of and walk the Freedom Trail. Most of the historic and cultural attractions of the city are along it, and you really don't want to be trying to negotiate Boston's streets or traffic. There is a large underground parking garage under the Commons that would serve well as your driving destination and the center of your visit to the city. There really are no non-scenic roads in Vermont, but my favorites are US-5 along the bucolic Connecticut River and VT-100 right up the center of the state and giving access to the Green Mountains and the Long Trail. Here again, get a copy of the official state map which both marks scenic roads and locates all the covered bridges in the state. Another couple of options to consider are to take the scenic Mohawk Trail (MA-2) from Boston to Greenfield and pick up US-5 there, and if time permits take NY-22 and the Taconic State Parkway from just west of Bennington, VT back down to New York City.


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