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    This forum was so refreshing and inspiring to find, glad to know I've got plenty of company out there with a desire to see what's around the bend! A girlfriend and I are meeting up in Salt Lake City and heading down to see Moab. We plan on driving north through Wyoming and visiting Yellowstone. We'd really like to do some scenic drives, see some cowboy towns, sit in a natural hot spring or two, and just experience the uniqueness of WY. Anybody have any suggestions or must see towns? I'd appreciate any suggestions, comments, "stay away froms" anyone's got. Were leaving Salt Lake on Sept 6 and arriving back in her town of Sandpoint Idaho on the 17th. We're pretty adventuresome and really looking forward to this!

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Claudia,
    You might want to start your trip with a short trip down I-15 towards Provo and take the Alpine Loop over to Robert Redford's Sundance Resort. You'd pass over the crest of the Wasatch Range enroute, likely amidst millions of quaking aspens. It that's not appealing, perhaps just running up I-80 to Park City is a good start. Park City's historic Main Street is very accomodating to walking shoppers/diners/bar crawlers.

    From Moab, heading back up US 191 towards and through Vernal brings you to Flaming Gorge. The time of your visit could allow you to see the colors which give it its name. Full day and half day raft trips, putting in at the base of the dam, are available through outfitters in and around Dutch John. Speaking of cowboy bars, I spent a few fun hours at just such a place in Manila, UT, not far from US 191 and on the opposite side of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

    The segment of US 191 between Dutch John and I-80 is very nice--wide open high plains/canyon country. Rock Springs/Green River, WY used to have a reputation as a rough oil town, so perhaps some looking into that is in order before a pair of ladies simply venture into a cowboy bar there. It's been quite a while, but I liked Pinedale, WY as a nice, genuine Western town.

    Jackson, WY is touristy, for sure, but who can resist sitting astride a saddle in the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar? Ditto West Yellowstone, MT, plenty touristy but my wife and I enjoyed a rollicking night in a bar there while on a trip in 2000.

    Exiting Yellowstone to the west or northwest, you might take in parts of Montana before returning to Idaho. Dillon, MT is as much of a cowboy town as you'll find anywhere, while also being a college town. Over in the Big Hole is Jackson, MT and the Jackson Hot Springs Resort. This Jackson is a one-horse ranching town in the most spectacular of all Western valleys. From Jackson, it's around 100 miles to Monida Pass, where you reenter Idaho on I-15.

    There are a number of websites dedicated to locating and describing hot springs soaking experiences. I was a bit surprised at how many are essentially public swimming pool structures with the hot spring waters piped in. I'd venture to say the larger ones are all set up that way. Nevertheless, the online guidebooks are good ways to vet which hot springs appeal to you.

    Enjoy the planning and resulting RoadTrip!


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