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  1. Default Picking Rented RV to suite couple with baby and toddler

    Hi All,
    Just joined, site looks great!
    We are looking at doing a road trip from LA to Miami (1 way)in approx 3 weeks in Febuary/March 2010.
    Can any body give me advise on renting RV to suit couple,7 month baby and 2and half yo toddler.Need advise on baby sits and legal requirements and suggestions on sleeping arrangements within the RV for the baby cosleeping,cot or bed?.If anybody has any experiences and advise,i would love to hear from you.

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    Default Child seats.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The class 'C' motor home is the most popular type of rental and most likely best suited for your needs. You will find floor plans on each one if you look on a one of the main renters sites, such as El Monte or Cruise America. The layouts are pretty much the same from any company on like for like rentals and a 24/25ft class 'C' should be fine for your family but a 30ft will obviously offer a little more space.
    You will need to have child seats and have the children strapped in during travel times, I am not sure if it is law in every state but it's common sense for your child's safety either way. You can find one family's experience here as well as a link to the RTA RV pages.
    You will have a rear double bed and the Dinette table and bench folds into a sleeping area which will be enough to accommodate you all, although there is also a double bunk above the cab area [not suitable for the young ones].
    If you need any other info regarding your trip just ask.


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