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  1. Default High Point, NC to Seattle in 7-8 days?

    Well, I'm getting my mum's minivan and taking the last of my belongings to Seattle, so we've turned it into a road trip for 3-5 people. We may or may not be taking my 2 cousins, one is 10, the other is 2(!)

    At first I figured we'd drive 500 miles a day, which probably means 12 hours in a car, and try and get there in 5 days, but now I'm realizing it'd be stupid, as we're missing a grand opportunity to see the country, and literally stop and smell the roses.

    So I'm now thinking that 7 days would be alot better, we'd drive around 400 miles a day, which I'm thinking would take 7 hours.. then stop, food, gas.. probably still in the car 10 hours a day.. hmm.. I don't know.

    I think we're going to ride up 1-94 (based on good maps) and hit up Chicago, Minneapolis, Montana... that route. The only thing I have even thought of to stop and see is Mount Rushmore... Anyone got any other "can't miss" places? I don't want to be on the road for 2 weeks, but a couple of places in our general direction would be nice!

    We're gonna bid on priceline for hotels, and try and be thrifty in general, but I do want to have fun, otherwise 2800 miles in a car would kill me. Also, as we'd need 2 hotel rooms a night, every day is about $100 just for a place so sleep, so I don't want to break the bank. Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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    Your approach is pretty solid. 500 miles a day is a good distance to cover, but not so much that you can't ever stop or that you are going to wear yourself out. By giving yourself 7 days, you can have a nice mix of days where you cover a lot of ground, yet have a few where you only drive a handful of hours every day.

    One note, I-94 runs through North Dakota and thus does not go near Mount Rushmore. It sounds like you'd want to take I-90, which would also take you by the Badlands, the rest of the black hills, and Devils Tower. Yellowstone would also be a potential detour along this route.

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    Yeah, I think when I saw I-90, it was before I'd thought about Rushmore.. I would love an excuse to go to yellowstone.. I think this might be it.. Thanks =]

    Off to look up the badlands, heh
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