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    I'm planning a road trip from Naperville, Ill to Seattle Washington and appreciate any feedback you may have on my current plans.

    Estimated driving times are taken from AAA online TripTick and does not allow for stops. I will make stops as needed.

    I'm a bit concerned about the long drive from Buffalo, Wyoming to West Yellowstone via Beartooth highway. Is this practical?

    Plan to use West Yellowstone as my base to explore Yellowstone and the Tetons. How practical is this?

    Appreciate any suggestions for day hikes in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.
    Appreciate any suggestions for day hikes anywhere along the route.
    I'm open to suggestions to changing the route.
    All feedback will be appreciated.

    Date Description Travel Time
    08/05/09 Naperville, Ill to Sioux City, Iowa 7hr 19min
    08/06/09 Sioux City to Badlands National Park 5hr 21min
    Badlands to Rapid City 1hr 16min
    08/07/09 Rapid City to Mount Rushmore, 28min
    Mt Rushmore to Crazy Horse Memorial 25min
    Crazy Horse to Devils Tower 2hr 32min
    Devils Tower to Buffalo Wyoming 2hr 14min
    08/08/09 Buffalo to West Yellowstone via Beartooth Highway 7hr 16min
    08/09/09 Yellowstone
    08/10/09 Yellowstone
    08/11/09 Tetons
    08/12/09 West Yellowstone to Missoula, Mt 5hr
    08/13/09 Missoula to Glacier National Park 3hr 4min
    08/14/09 Glacier National Park
    08/15/09 Sprague, Wa 5hrs 40min
    08/16/09 Seattle, Wa 3hrs 33min

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I tend to look at the number of miles I'll have to cover in a day rather than the (totally unrealistic) guesstimates on time that come from computer based mapping routines, and I see nothing in your plans that is outlandish at all. In fact, your pacing seems to be well considered and should give you lots of time to enjoy each day's drive and to take advantage of any serendipitous discoveries you may make along the way. As you noted, the one day that might be of concern is the drive from Buffalo to West Yellowstone. This is your longest mileage day, but even it's still a shade under 400 miles. The problem is the Beartooth Highway, which is a series of switchbacks as you climb from the high plains at Billings to the Yellowstone Plateau in Wyoming. Then, of course, you'll have to traverse the entire width of Yellowstone National Park on the often bumper-to-bumper park roads while subject to in determinant stops for wildlife. I should think you'll be able to make this drive in a day, but you must be prepared for it to take well into the evening, even without significant stops en route. That's just the way it's going to be and there's no sense fighting it or getting upset about it. Just relax and enjoy the scenery as it moves (slowly) by your window.


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    Thankx for your feedback AZBuck.

    We'll probably be camping at Wagon Wheel RV Campground & Cabins so I guess we better be prepared to set up the tent at night. I believe we can but I don't know if it will upset the campground management.


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    Its still going to be light out until at least 8:30 in early August, and unless you leave really late in the morning or spend and exceptional amount of time stopping, you should have no problem getting to your site by then. I don't know the specifics of the campground you are staying at, but generally "quiet hours" (where setting up would be frowned upon) don't start until at least 10 pm.

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