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    Hi all, We got some good advice here about our winter trip from CA to WV, so I am back for summer trip advice. We are heading west from SE Ohio (Marietta) to Klamath Falls OR. and we want to take the most scenic route.

    We are leaving in early August and we have up to a week to make the drive.
    I know that I-80 is most direct but we want to see some new places and we want to eat BBQ as often as possible! I am thinking of I-64 to I-70 and I-25 at Denver to finally head north to I-80. We will be van camping along the way. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks

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    I-70 through St. Louis and KC should be a great choice for BBQ, although if you are going to take it as far as Denver, then I'd absolutely recommend continuing on I-70 at least into Utah. The trip through the Rockies is often named as one of the most scenic freeways in the world, and of course it would also take you within a very short detour of several national parks. Once in Utah you could take US-6 back up to SLC, or you could take US-50 (the lonliest road) across Nevada.

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    Thanks for that tip we will stay on I-70. If we take 50 to 395 will it be considerably longer? We are thinking that Reno or Wendover would be places for an interesting change of scenery and a hotel buffet. The trip isn't just about food but heck, it's a consideration.

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    Staying on I-70 through Colorado adds about 130 miles to your overall trip, while also taking US-50 to US-395 saves about 50 miles over heading north to Salt Lake City. Neither of these are huge differences in a 2,600 mile RoadTrip. If you use I-80 across northern Nevada, then one of the best hotel meals around is one of the Basque inspired family meals at the Star Hotel in Elko, not haute cuisine but a unique experience.


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    Mmmm I do love Basque food. I like the idea of by-passing Salt Lake City so I am leaning towards I-70 to US 50 until Reno and north on 395. I appreciate the advice and the restaurant tips! We are getting hungry just thinking about it.

    In addition to eating, if anyone has experience with camping along this route, I would be interested in hearing about it.

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    The best BBQ in the St. Louis area in my opinion is Super Smokers. The St. Peters location is close to I-70. Another excellent BBQ joint is Serious Texas, they have a location in Loveland CO, not too far off your route. If you have the time, this would be a good jumpoff to Rocky Mountain NP.

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