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    I'm new to the forums and just wanted some opinions on a road trip I am planning in late August first week of September.
    As of now, I have 11 days, and I plan to start in Houston and do a massive loop going through New Orleans, then to Key West, back through the east coast of Florida, then through Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, then back to Houston! I have a friend in Lakeland, FL, so that is really the only designated spot I am wanting to go.

    I already have it mapped out on Google where I would like to go, which routes, and where I plan to lay my head. Take a look :),14.128418&z=6

    Just curious on everybody's thoughts, if i'm missing anything, or if there is a better route to go. It is my first time in the Southern States, I will be travelling alone, and I'm a 25 year old male. I'll also be renting a car in Houston, I'm leaning towards paying the extra money for a convertible, is that a bad idea, not only from a safety perspective, but just generally bad in this part of the world during the late summer?

    I also have two travel points in which i'm not 100% confident on.

    Houston to New Orleans. I am finished my work obligations in Houston at 2pm Thursday, should I drive a few hours that afternoon, and if so, where should I stay that would be halfway between Houston and New Orleans?

    Secondly, I am in Memphis on Saturday night and my flight is out of Houston Monday evening. I have no particular reason to go to Dallas; where would you recommend I lay my head Sunday night before travelling back to Houston?

    Thanks for taking the time, and let me know your thoughts as I'm excitedly planning this trip already.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    You've got a trip where you're never driving too much any one day, but you are driving 5 hours or more every day. If that fits with your own style, great, but a lot of people like having at least a day or two where they don't have to be anywhere and can take a break from being in a car. That may or may not be you, but it is something to keep in mind.

    If you want a convertable, go for it. if it is too hot, you can always put the top up and blast the AC

    Lake Charles LA would be about halfway between Houston and NOLA, although the entire trip should only take you about 5 hours. If you left at 3 (figuring an hour to get packed up and on the road), you could get to NOLA by 8. At the very least, I'd think you could make it to Baton Rouge.

    Coming back from Memphis, I might follow the Natchez Trace south, in which case Natchez, MS would be roughly the halfway point.

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    Thanks for the quick reply Michael!

    I have one day of rest in Florida, so I will either stay an extra day in Lakeland, or almost preferably in Key West! I know it's not much, but I got a lot of ground to cover in a short time span. I don't don't know what my style is, I got a feeling I'm about to find out!

    In regards to coming back from Memphis, I read about the Natchez trail so I intentionally made my trip from Nashville to Memphis to follow the north leg of this parkway.
    Is the trip that spectacular farther south as well?
    Does the Great River Road cover that land as well? Or only farther north?

    On the way to Houston, I intentionally tried to take the highway right by the river (Creole Nature Trail), get off the interstate and hopefully get a better feel for the local scenery. Has anybody been this way? I have no clue where to stay down there as it's very rural. Is there a suggested hotel near the Creole Nature Trail?

    I've been using and to help me even out the trip, so that's been of great help so far!

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