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    Hey All-

    First of all, great website.

    I'm a college student in Phoenix. It's burning up here and I'm short on money but long on time. I've been throwing around the idea of taking a RT from Phoenix to Seattle. Just to give myself a goal, my ending point is the site were Jimi Hendrix's childhood home used to be.

    I wanna do this in about 6 days. Touristy stuff doesn't really interest me all that much, this is more about the experience. I have seen enough desert to last me a lifetime, so that sorta scenery won't be a priority either.

    Basically, I'm looking for a route with a lot of coastal driving and the lush green of the Northwest.

    Is 6 days, roundtrip, too ambitious if I don't get too sidetracked?

    Also, any good suggestions for sleeping on the cheap? I'm a camper and if that's not an option I don't need anything too fancy?

    Finally, any general route suggestions? Warnings?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you wish to spend 6 days on Interstate with a few hours in Seattle then it could be done, but I am not sure what experience you are looking for. You won't have much time to discover the coast and lush green of the PNW but this would be considered "touristy stuff". A road trip experience for me is to have an open mind, discover new places [even if the terrain is familiar] and meet new people and do touristy stuff like National parks, after all they are touristy for a reason they are mostly spectacular.
    I guess you could do a loop going I-5 through Sacramento and see a little of the coast one way and Salt lake city the other but with just 6 days and not much in the way of funds you could enjoy some of the Sierra Nevada range and Cali coast perhaps. I understand having a goal but on a road trip the open road and discovery is the goal not just getting to a destination, that's a task.

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