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  1. Default Denver,CO to Grand Canyon,AZ and LA trip

    Dear Community members,
    This is my first posting to the forum. I am really glad that I've found a website dedicated to the road trip planning, tips and preparation.

    I live in Denver, CO (and I start from here) and am planning for a trip to Grand Canyon, AZ, Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA. I am having 4 and half days with me for this trip. Let me share what I have in mind and please help me if anybody has any suggestions.

    This would be the first weekend of August.
    1. Leaving Denver, CO on Thursday and driving for 6 hrs to take halt in UT.
    2. Friday morning, leaving for GC. Prolly shud be a 5 hrs drive.
    3. Question - what are the things that I can do in GC for say 6 hours? I have relatively older company with me. So shudn't be over adventurous :-). Do I use the North or the South loop?
    4.Leave GC and drive to Las Vegas OR Los Angeles?. This is little confusing to me. Dont know where should I go first. I definitely have LA in my priority(lets assume I go to LA)..
    5. Should I go for a guided tour? Are they any operators that anybody can recommend?
    6. Would spend the Saturday there and probably the Sunday afternoon would drive to Las Vegas? Any good decent casino (not too expensive) that has a hotel to stay?
    7. Leave on Monday morning to Denver, CO. This could be a loong drive and reach by night.

    Other than the questions that I've asked - are there any tips, recommendations anybody has to my trip?


    [If you never try, you will never know]

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    Default More time or less ambition.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think the places you already want to visit in 4.5 days would be considered a little over adventurous and won't leave much time for tours etc. You will have to drive 9-10 hours a day for 4 days, with only short breaks just to get to the destinations you have mentioned. I would either find an extra day or two or forget about LA for the time being. If you can find extra time I would drive I-70 to I-15 direct to Vegas and continue to LA. On the return leg you could head back to I-40 and drive through the GC South rim on the 64, entering by the southern entrance and exiting by the East kiosk to the 89. The 160/163 and 191 will then take you back to I-70 via Monument valley making a nice loop.

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    Default knowing without trying

    I'm in complete agreement with Dave, you are trying to do more than you can possibly do with the amount of time you have.

    You've seemed to ignore the fact that its a good 10 hour drive from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to LA (plus traffic) and then another 5 hours back to Las Vegas. Not to mention that Vegas to Denver alone is 750 miles, and while maybe you could do that 13 hour trip in one day if it was just a one day sprint, doing it at the end of a trip where you will basically be driving non stop for 3.5 days, is going to be beyond exhausting.

    This is not a trip you want to try on this timeline. If you can add a couple more days great, if not, then skip LA - you're not going to have any time to enjoy or really see anything anyway. Even packing the Grand Canyon and Vegas into the timeline you've listed is going to be tight, but at least you'd have a chance at having a rushed but enjoyable trip.

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